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    Sign The National Petition To "Save The Senate Filibuster!"

    Radicals Democrats want to change a 100-year-old rule in the Senate, so they can pass legislation with a simple 51-vote majority. But you can tell Republican Senators to fight for the filibuster and protect against "mob rule" in the Upper Chamber.

    Take action to prevent Senate Democrats from steamrolling the GOP to enact Joe Biden's extreme, anti-American agenda! Sign the national petition below to "Save The Senate Filibuster!" and demand they keep the 60-vote threshold in place.

    Petition: "Save The Senate Filibuster!"

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    I support the filibuster as an important and fair legislative tool to avoid "mob rule" in the United States Senate. The current filibuster rule has been in place for more than 100 years. Now, that Democrats are in power, it's unfair and un-American to change them so they can pass Joe Biden's radical, far-left agenda without ANY Republican support. I urge you to take immediate action to "Save The Senate Filibuster!"

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