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    Melissa Bryant
    commented on steve's story 2020-06-14 04:00:21 -0400
    Thank you Steve Elliott for being willing to stand up to and expose all the well funded and widely promoted anti-American groups and ideology.

    I have noticed happily this year many new groups formed (against what is happening) by ordinary people like myself. I started mine just before the lockdown to show there is an alternative to the socialist weapon of “equality” in the workplace. I named mine the ILA Movement: Individual Liberty & Accountability Movement. I had my tripod sign at Vista Print ready to print for our first council meeting where a newly organized “equality” group was going to be presenting their arguments. When I heard that we might lockdown that day, I postponed the printing just in case (and am glad I saved the $70). The idea is we all have the freedom to be unique and yet are still individually responsible for our actions. If we, as Americans, decide to throw off the Socialist tool of equality and instead be unique, then they have lost their biggest weapon in America. I receive the EEOC emails and so I know they are using the assassination of George Floyd to double down on their efforts to wreak havoc on businesses.

    I live in Lubbock Texas which is one of the top 20 conservative cities in America. Anonymous Productions promoted a rap concert on July 26 (I think 3 years ago now). That is how they start recruiting in a city. So it took them about 3 years to get organized enough to infiltrate our government and our city ideology.

    Because I am originally from Washington state, I have spent the lockdown trying to help the people of Washington to understand what is really going on with their socialist governor. At first I thought I was the only one who saw through the socialist use of the crisis. Now I know there are others like yourself already working hard to expose their agenda.

    Thank you. It is nice to know so many others are trying to save America. Let’s get out there and wake the sleeping giant.
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    Melissa Bryant
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