Sharon Johnson

  • commented on Moving and inspiring. Don't miss this video! 2020-11-15 15:55:17 -0500
    Wow a very moving message for today… from one of ‘yesterday’s’ master poets. Every word stands for the man, Donald Trump, for who he is and what is to come. Either now or 2024, but let the Democrats beware…..”He’ll be back”. God Bless DJT & God Bless the USA!

  • commented on Issues 2020-11-07 03:51:54 -0500
    Why would not everyone understand the issues here Re: Stealing this election from our President Trump? More than 4 years ago the Dems have worked at destroying this man, a duly elected POTUS. and have lost at every attempt from impeachment, to the Mueller report, the Russia, Russia hoax, Ulraine phone call etc. And now a concerted effort to steal the election away, with fake ballots, dead men voting, and absentee ballots galore. No one showed up for Biden rallies, unlike Trump’s mega attended gatherings, and then all those ballots being stuffed into mail and unposted boxes with no one being allowed to oversight ballot openings in many states. This is not a FAKE conspiracy, it is an underground democratic effort to take this election from Trump. I am praying for him daily that he does not concede, and that God intervenes. Otherwise we will have the next 4 years of chaos, wars, socialism, NO immigration rules, no walls to protect us and lockdowns to keep us from protesting our rights, NO guns, anarchy, etc.
    Perhaps this IS the next pandemic, another plague on our country, the New World order, a taste of politics as we have never seen. Joe Biden is a ‘puppet’ for the communists, socialists, PRO death abortionists…how he calls himself a practicing Catholic is a mystery. Anyone can tell he has dementia, and will not last 4 yrs., then Kamala and her liberal left, AOC, the MOB and other cohorts will rule and reign this land. GOD help us……..and may GOD BLESS AMERICA!
    Pray for our land, for President Trump, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven”!

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