Kenneth Matsumoto

  • commented on The results are in: GOP must do more to help Trump! 2021-01-06 06:14:16 -0500
    Where are the American Patriots who said they wanted Trump as our President through a fair and honest election? I sometimes wonder why the Dems have so much power when we are beyond the numbers needed to take back our rights and have our elections won in a fair and honest way. We have to FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT to STOP THE STEAL and not let the democratic party have their way. I DO NOT WANT TO BECOME a socialist country, nor live like how Russia did before the Berlin wall fell. I have a wife who was once a Russian citizen and now is a proud U.S. citizen who enjoys the rights and freedoms we Americans have. Yes, All due to our free country and the Constitution and Bill of Rights that protects and enables us to be a free country. We need to FIGHT TO BE FREE because freedom is NOT FREE! So fight and be proud you did before all hell breaks loose and we fall only because we never spoke up before Biden steals everything and turns our country as an ally to the CCP! Keep our rights to vote, our rights to free speech, our rights to bear arms, our right to choose any sane religion, and so on. I only have to add, the word PLEASE because I am a humble person by nature, but I do have a fire burning within when the left tried to steal our election and do so right under our noses! NOW THAT IS REASON ENOUGH to get angry and be willing to do whatever it takes to bring back our God given rights and inherent priviledges as a PROUD AMERICAN! Do you think you are up to it? I dare you to join in and fight for what is ours! Again, I will say “Please!”

  • signed "Stop The Steal!" Petition 2021-01-02 05:00:54 -0500
    Please stop the theft of our election system in our nation! It MUST BE DONE or else our republic may be lost forever in the degredation enduced by the democrats and their evil allies. We must stand together and hold the line here, otherwise our way of life may also be lost forever!

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    Now, Sign The National Petition: Stand With President Trump To "Stop The Steal!"

    Grassfire is rallying citizens to take a stand against Democrat-led efforts to steal the 2020 election! The mounting evidence of widespread voter fraud includes, illegitimate Biden ballots being counted, legitimate Trump ballots being thrown out, and tens of thousands of mystery ballots (all for Biden) showing up in the middle of the night in key battleground states.

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    This attack against President Trump and the integrity of a United States election is unprecedented and must be stopped! Sign the national petition to "STOP THE STEAL!" and demand GOP lawmakers take immediate, decisive action to protect the integrity and legitimacy of this and future elections.

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    I'm taking a stand to "Stop The Steal!" I call on GOP lawmakers across America to take IMMEDIATE action against the mounting evidence of voter fraud, ballot harvesting and ballot stealing. EVERY patriotic Republican MUST stand with President Trump to protect the integrity and legitimacy of the 2020 election.

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