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    I’ve always found it amazing that in every aspect of life we applaud the advances in Science. Yet, where science has clearly proven where life begins with reproduction in the womb, we ignore the science. That the DNA string is formed at conception and that DNA denotes gender, color of eyes and hair. The heart beat ends life yet, we deny the heart beat as the beginning of life. Science has proven through the collection of women’ eggs, which are healthy and reproduce and which one’s won’t. Which eggs can be implanted and which cannot. SCIENCE has proven all this. YET, we allow politicians to determine life. When it begins and how it should end in the womb. If we took a stand againstt climate change and disputed the science all hell would break loose yet, the Scientific community remains silen on this issue. Why? Where are all the Mothers? Where? Where are all the voices for the unborn? The mutilated? Where?
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