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    Keep up the good reporting Steve. You connect us to reality, which doesn’t happen very often when one listens to fake news.

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    I just read John Whitehead’s article on Techno Fascism. They want us to think that the CoVid test results are false positive., that are caused by the flu vaccine. They want to keep us in a state of perpetual fear. And imprisoned in our homes. I personally believe that more people contacted CoVid19 than we want to admit. That would mean that herd immunity could be at work in the population.

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    Sign the "Free America Now" Petition to Get America Working Again!

    Federal, state and local governments have effectively shut down huge portions of the U.S. economy and stifled the liberties of American citizens like few times in our history.

    Americans have lost TRILLIONS in the stock market, entire sectors of the economy are at risk, and we now face a HUGE spike in unemployment that will only escalate if the shutdown/lockdown continues. Plus, Congress is doing what it does best -- turning to government-centered answers and spending TRILLIONS of dollars that our nation simply doesn't have!

    It's time for the shutdown/lockdown to end before it's too late! That's why Grassfire has launched this Free America Now "GET AMERICA WORKING AGAIN" petition. Sign below and demand that local, state and federal officials stop the shutdown/lockdown and instead use measures that focus on protecting the most at-risk demographics and communities from COVID-19.

    The petition states:

    9,460 signatures

    I'm calling on local, state, and national elected officials to FREE AMERICA NOW and "Get America Working Again." Although COVID-19 poses a very real health pandemic, the lockdown/shutdown measures also push all limits of government power even during an "emergency" and are a serious threat to our liberties. I'm signing the Free America Now " \GET AMERICA WORKING AGAIN" petition to call on an end to the oppressive "stay-at-home" orders and business and school shutdowns that are crippling our economy. Instead, government should use measures to contain the virus that focus on the most at-risk demographics and communities. Let's Free America Now and "Get America Working Again!"


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    I am very concerned about the direction our country is taking with regard to this coronavirus. I feel as if regular citizens are sheep being led to the slaughter. Good God possibly using this to warn us of the danger of blindly following government edicts.

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    Comey belongs in the worse prison in this country. He, Brennan and Clapper should be tried for treason.

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    Thanks for this trip down memory lane. I am an immigrant and I pray God Bless America almost daily. My family has benefited tremendously from this wonderful country.

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    Stand With The President And Support Life!

    Sign The Petition To "End Abortion In America"!

    Abortion is the scourge of our generation -- tens of millions of babies have been lost despite the overwhelming scientific and medical evidence proving that life begins at conception. Yet, eight states and Washington, D.C. have legalized abortion until the very moment before live birth

    Enough is enough! It's time for citizens to take a stand! Please sign the national petition to "End Abortion In America" now.

    By speaking at the 2020 March for Life Rally, President Trump proved he's one of the most pro-life presidents EVER. There has been no better time since the horrific 1973 Roe v. Wade decision for pro-life patriots to act against abortion!

    Please add your name and then share this petition with your friends and family members. When Grassfire reaches the important 25,000-signature plateau, we will hand-deliver your petition to congressional leaders. Add your name to the "End Abortion In America" national petition by completing the form below.

    21,696 signatures

    The Petition States:

    I'm taking a stand by signing the petition to "End Abortion In America." I am calling for Roe v. Wade to be reversed, and I support the confirmation of Supreme Court justices who will end abortion. I support any and all judicial and legal remedies that will declare abortion illegal and unconstitutional. I strongly oppose my tax dollars being used to fund any organization or entity that funds or provides abortion services. Finally, I am praying that God will remove the scourge of abortion from our land.

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