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    Judy Ingram
    commented on Kavanaugh worse than Bork? 2018-10-04 00:19:19 -0400
    I STAND STRONG WITH THE JUDGE AND HIS FAMILY! I pray for him to have the strength and faith to help save our nation from this circus. Your are a Fantastic Judge Father and Husband. I believe You. I pray every night and morning for God to give you the strength to withstand these lies coming from your past. I AM A SURVIOR! I can see through the holes in theses stories. You are a great Man, Father and Husband and your rightful place is on the US Supreme Court. Your temperament is fine. My husband too would have done anything to protect his family from these false charges and delays done with what looks to have been done with malice at this point. This is harming the Real Rape and Surviors, but no one seems to care about us. I have had to go back to medication and therapy due to my PST coming back. This is not only harming and destroying you and your family but thousands of actual true survivors. I stand with you 150% Please do NOT give up the Fight. You Must win for ALL OF US. If you DO NOT It will make More RAPE and sexual assault victims not seek the help they need. Who will believe us after this Circus. My Senators, Harris and Diane Feinstein have taken it away from us. I fear for our future and my son’s and daughters, in the future. For OUR sake Stand UP Head Held High and we will Stand by You. My church just said they represented 400 Million people that want you to withdraw that could not be farther from the truth. I am one of those 400 million so they do not speak for me or millions of others. God Bless You and your Family and especially your daughters. Your are in my daily prayers
    Judy Ingram, Merced Ca