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  • commented on Senate INVASION Vote Imminent 2019-04-06 04:54:09 -0400
    The Wall is our best hope of keeping our nation secure, and taking a serious bite out of the drug cartels growing foothold in our nation. If the Wall does not go up, then I will do my best to support, and help fund the Title X CIDG units in Texas, to make certain that we CAN, and WILL DEFEND OUR SOVEREIGN REPUBLIC against ALL of the threats that come across that POORLY secured border. Our Civilian Militia units will stand ready to defend Texas, if our Federal government will not do so by building the Wall. If We The People. have to put rounds downrange against Cartel smugglers, dope runners, HUMAN traffickers, and all of the other assorted TRASH that tries to gain a foothold here, then THAT is EXACTLY WHAT WE WILL DO!! No WALL…NO PROBLEM. LOCK ‘N LOAD TEXIANS….IT’S GO TIME ON THE BORDER!!! REGULATORSSADDLE UP!