Tell Rush Limbaugh: "Thank You And Get Well Soon!"

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For more than 30 years, Rush Hudson Limbaugh III has been one of the nation's leading conservative voices. He has championed America's founding ideals of liberty and limited government like few talk radio hosts ever.

Following his shocking announcement of "advanced lung cancer," Grassfire is giving our team members the opportunity to thank the recent Medal of Freedom recipient for his service to our great nation and to wish him a quick and full recovery from the dreaded disease. Please sign this national get-well card for Rush Limbaugh now.

Please add your name and then share this website with your friends and family members. When we reach our goal, we will deliver this get-well card to the Excellence in Broadcasting (EIB) Network offices in New York, NY. Add your name by simply completing the form below.

UPDATE: So many concerned citizens have responded to this initiative that we reached our "stretch goal" of 20,000 signatures. Can you help us get to our stretch goal 25,000 signers in the next 48 hours? Add your name now!

Get-Well Card States:

Dear Rush,

Thank you for your service to this great nation as a leading voice of conservatism for more than 30 years. I join thousands of Grassfire team members in wishing you a quick and full recovery. Like millions of other patriotic Americans, I'm praying for you and your family at this difficult time. May God bless and strengthen you in this fight.

Get well soon!

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  • Patricia Fleming
    signed 2020-02-24 16:00:15 -0500
    My prayers are with you! Keep up the good fight!
  • Eunice Aliff
    signed 2020-02-24 15:42:25 -0500
  • bob kilmer
    signed 2020-02-24 15:37:27 -0500
  • Kyle McMenamin
    signed 2020-02-24 15:36:10 -0500
    God Bless, get well soon and thank you for what you have done and continue to do for the USA and for freedom.

    May your treatments and healing open doors to treatments and knowledge of cancer treatment not yet known so that others may benefit as well.
  • Gwen Misurella
    signed 2020-02-24 15:34:51 -0500
    Been listening to you for years. been praying for you Rush.
  • Yehuda Stebbins
    signed 2020-02-24 15:32:27 -0500
  • Robert & Lillian Bennett
    signed 2020-02-24 15:29:30 -0500
    Thanking you daily for your wisdom, optimism, generous giving and unique humor, and for loving our country the way you do.

    Always sending you love and blessings.
  • Jacqueline
    signed 2020-02-24 15:22:42 -0500
  • Kim Worley
    signed via 2020-02-24 15:18:37 -0500
    Get well Rush and God Bless
  • Sharon Godwin
    signed via 2020-02-24 15:15:32 -0500
    Mega Prayers
  • Lori Higgins
    signed 2020-02-24 15:05:41 -0500
    Thank you for all you do. You are in our daily prayers.
  • Marilyn Wickstrom
    signed 2020-02-24 15:00:22 -0500
  • Joseph Hetherton
    signed 2020-02-24 14:59:36 -0500
    I grew up in Chico and go all the way back to the 80’s with you Rush. Wishing you all the best!
  • Arveal Wimbish
    signed 2020-02-24 14:54:21 -0500
    Praying for you and your family and your team of Doctors.
  • Frank Samples
    signed 2020-02-24 14:43:46 -0500
  • Shirley Madden
    signed 2020-02-24 14:40:25 -0500
    Shirley E Madden
  • Mc Rucker
    signed via 2020-02-24 14:34:47 -0500
    Praying for you!
  • Don Sims
    signed 2020-02-24 14:31:30 -0500
  • Joan Noonan
    signed 2020-02-24 14:23:35 -0500
  • Peggy Walker
    signed via 2020-02-24 14:19:44 -0500
  • Katherine Higley
    signed 2020-02-24 14:16:49 -0500
  • Pat Farra
    signed 2020-02-24 14:06:38 -0500
    May God give you strength and a sense of His presence as you traverse this difficult road
  • Bill Bryant
    signed via 2020-02-24 14:05:33 -0500
    Get well soon Rush!!!
  • Mary Cummins
    signed via 2020-02-24 14:01:42 -0500
  • Jerry Bloodworth
    signed 2020-02-24 13:59:50 -0500
    Thanks for being a GREAT AMERICAN BEACON OF LIGHT!

    Keep up the good work. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!
  • Ricky Carlson
    signed 2020-02-24 13:50:27 -0500
  • Barbara Hill
    signed 2020-02-24 13:40:30 -0500
    I am praying every day that God will let this disease be removed from your body. There is cutting edge medical out there that will get you through this. Keep the faith and stay positive. Thank you for everything you have done for the conservative movement in America.

    Barbara Hill
  • Victoria Reusch
    signed 2020-02-24 13:37:19 -0500
  • Ron & Jo Munday
    signed via 2020-02-24 13:34:00 -0500
    Praying for you every day. Our nation needs your voice.
  • John Young
    signed 2020-02-24 13:20:17 -0500