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Grassfire is the best!

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    testing second time.

    Credit Card And Member Questions

    Hi! I'm Tina, Grassfire's Member Services Manager.

    We set up this page to assist our team members with issues that may occur regarding monthly memberships and credit card charges with Grassfire.

    General credit card billing questions: Please complete this form, with a brief description of your credit card charge issue. Please include the date the transaction was made.

    Monthly member inquiries: If you are a Grassfire monthly member, you can use this form for any question related to your monthly account, including: accessing your fax benefits, cancelling your membership, modifying your membership, or logging in to the new or old member platform.

    If you would do me one more favor? Please allow me 1-2 business days to reply. 

    Thanks, and sorry for your inconvenience!

    Tina, Member Services Manager

    (For general questions, go here.)


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