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    Eloise Schwarz
    commented on Fauci: you can't rely on models 2020-04-04 21:23:25 -0400
    This pandemic is a first of a kind in modern times. Unlike the world epidemic of a 100 years ago, we have useful technology, no world war going on, community health, and other complex knowledge to help us over come this, instead we are stumbling our way through this. It’s a shame. All of the previous times where we could have learned how to prepare for such a times as this, including devastating hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, etc, we looked the other way. I remember when I was growing up, we had times when we had bomb shelters and drills for safety. Special plans were set aside to develop/store masks, gloves and safety wear, etc. Cooperation between all branches of government and states would be the plan so that all of the U.S. would be safe. But was that a dream? No not really. Evidently,
    this administration is trying to bring together all parties, at all levels to the table in addressing issues that are more complex than they were 100 years ago. Cooperation is still mixed since everyone is working on the assumption of a free market basis. Businesses, money, politics, Medicine, theories, people, lobbyists, and anyone else that needs to be added to the big pot are contributing to how things are determined. Past History can add other pandemics but can’t show how to stop them with the means we have today. We need to take one day at a time but use them wisely by using our intelligence. Even as everyone is providing their “expert” advise in these times, this is the time to review and apply basic wellness and cleanliness in your lives. We used to live simple lives years ago. Now we can return to them. Now our bodies can rejuvenate and learn to fight the good fight. In the past it always had to be on autopilot but now, our bodies can be told to slow down. Even though there is a war – we can tell our bodies what to do. It begins with how we eat, sleep, talk to ourselves, exercise, etc. This is the golden opportunity to stop and re-evaluated your situation – it just may be worth the time.