Stand up and be counted or sit down and be nothing.

Today more than ever we need to stand up for what we believe. Stand up for our rights and for an America you want kids to grow up in. Your voice can make a difference. If you don't stand up for yourself noone will, but if you stand many will stand with you. On September 11th 2001, we all stood together to help our fellow American. On that day skin color, sexuality, religion, political party, age, all labels we put on people didn't matter.  What's right is right mattered. We were all Americans and stood United. America should not have to suffer like that for us to put the labels down, stand united and help our fellow man. Over time Americans once again hang on labels and fight eachother bringing out the worst. It is as important today as it was then that we stand up united, stand up for your rights, help your fellow American, and use your voice. For if we don't we will once again be brought to our knees and lose much more. It's not just the terrorist from overseas that is a threat but the one's who conspire against us here in our land. Terrorist don't just visibly attack they quietly control us through fear, through taking away our rights, through intimidation, through labels, through telling you that your voice doesn't matter. Labels are used for many things in many ways. Instead of seeing a human, a fellow American we see labels society has made then judge people as society dictates for those labels. One highest used label that affects our lives and future are those who label themselves as Democrat or Republican and say choose a label and blindly follow me. When it's time to vote time for your voice to be heard that is exactly what you do. You don't vote for a person you vote for a label. Then when things go wrong you complain. Somehow many think their voice stops at elections. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every day the government writes up bills that affect our lives our future and decided if they should vote the bill into law. Here is where your voice needs to continue to be heard. It affects you, the next generation, and if passed will one day be America's history. Sign petitions, start petitions, make issues in bills known to others and contact your representative. Your voice doesn't stop at election day you need to keep using it. Stand use your voice for good or sit down be quiet cause you don't have the right to complain. You vote for and choose the label not the human. It's not a label that is wrong or right it is a person. It's their views, what they stand for and represent. Just because you share a label doesn't mean you share the views of all in that label that you voted for. You want to be heard you want a true representative vote for the person with the views you believe in and they will represent you. Don't vote just Democrat or Republican vote for a person. It's ok to push more than 1 button when voting.  Know the person and what they stand for. What's right is right should be what matters. Skin color, sexuality, religion, political party, wealth status should not matter to you. We are all human. We are Americans. Humans should never be put on a pedestal as they will hurt you, let you down intentionally or not. Take the humans you respect as an example not because of a label but because of who they are what they stand for what they believe. Us adults need to stand up for a future an America we can believe in. One we want our kids to be a part of not one they have to fix cause we failed the following generation by not standing up ourselves. We should not teach the future generations to judge & support by labels but to judge noone, forget labels, support eachother and those who stand for what's right. We should not teach them that their voice doesn't matter until they are 18. We should teach them their voice always matters that we listen to them as we make decisions for a world an America that is their future. Age shouldn't define a voice being heard. Knowledge is gained with age, understanding is gained through painful storms, true wisdom is gained by taking the knowledge, understanding, pain, learning from it and getting back up. Making a difference is taking that wisdom to help others who come after you as those who came before you helped you. The secret of life, leaving a positive legacy and building a better tomorrow isn't hard. People change people. Be that positive person that stands for what's right, uses their voice and isn't guided by labels. You do that and you will change people that cross your path in life for the better and in them your legacy will be made, your voice will continue on and this world will be a better place. Bad things happen in life you will get knocked down. It's how you respond and get back up that makes a difference that is your voice as you let your actions backup what you say. To those who have been given a platform to be heard by many, those who control the news on TV or in a paper you can make a big impact on todays youth giving all a better future. You have the ability to help mold them and teach them what's right. Use your given position to leave a positive impact. We can't  protect minds from the evil in this world but we can protect them from idolizing it and those who cause it. Every paper, magazine and news broadcast the first shown and the concentration is on what criminal just did what, what evil was done. Yet you wonder why so many in today's world strive to break the law to hurt others and at a younger and younger age. They are shown and hear who hurt who, who was murdered, who shot who, who tried to bomb what and it keeps on going. America's youth are seeing criminal after criminal getting recognized consistently and constantly. Many don't have a good example in their lives and absentee parents due to death, work or other circumstances. If you didn't give the criminal recognition for what they we wouldn't have criminal copy cats, we wouldn't have kids who like attention and recognition being shown how to get it on TV, in a magazine or front page of the paper. They do what they are constantly shown and sadly become a criminal themselves. Why don't you change the narrative for these kids? Why don't you use your platform in the news, magazines and newspapers to show today's youth who they should want to be like who they should copy. Show them who helped who, how they can help someone, who needs help, why school is important, what amazing things come from helping people, what accomplishments they can make through getting an education, who to turn to for help without fear of judgment, who real hereos are. Show the good side of being a cop and  how they serve & protect. Make cops someone to look up to instead of someone to fear. Make our military our Veterans someone to look up to, show them why our Veterans should always be Respected Honoured Remembered. Show the 1 person who did the right thing and made a difference for someone. Show how 1 person of any age can use their voice to make a difference. Show the respect and sanctity human lives should be given. Start each news broadcast with a moment of silence in honor of the heroes who lost their lives the day before. During this moment of silence show a picture the name and what this hero was. A Veteran, a cop, a firefighter, a medic, a person known for doing the right thing, a person who passed while helping someone. After the moment of silence the American Flag as all are lead to say the pledge of allegiance. Followed by the issues going on in the world.  Then issues that affect them and how their voice can be heard on these issues. Followed by the weather. Then before reporting on an issue to do with a criminal make an announcement before that the following was done which resulted in harm to others and should be viewed as a wrong & evil thing that should not be repeated. After that news is given follow it up by saying if you or someone you know is being hurt or planning to hurt someone to immediately tell a teacher, a cop, an adult they can trust. Maybe just maybe if we give respect and recognition to the positive who deserve it making them the consistent and consistent known and seen our youth will learn and copy what is right. Maybe when we put Infosys on the good, show cops as a safe haven instead of the feared, show  who to go to for protection, help and if they see something bad who to tell without fear of being hurt or judged. Then we will see more good being done, we will bridge the gap created by fear and replace it with hope, help and love. They will stand up for what is right and use their voice to protect themselves, others, their beliefs, and their future. They will learn acceptance not judgment, love not hate, hope not fear, good from evil and heroes not criminals should be copied, recognized and respected. Teach if wrong has been done not to fear the person who did wrong and threatened them if they told, but to use their voice to tell a cop, a firefighter, a medic, a teacher, a trusted adult that their voice matters and they will find safety, hope and love in these people. That it doesn't matter if it's a kid, an adult even an adult in authority if wrong is done there is always more good than evil people they can tell that will protect them against evil. That evil will only triumph if good men do nothing. Let us all stand for what we believe in, what's right and don't judge others especially based on color, religion, political party, but support others who believe and do what's right. Use your voice, hold onto love, hope, honesty, character and integrity. Be the inspiration for others like you want for yourself. Don't let history be our future but a reminder to rewrite the narrative so good the right thing is the constant consistency seen & read not evil.

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    Please don’t use my name either Devotedmedic or Rosenski also no personal information. As a cops wife and a ex medic who worked dangerous streets and the jail we have received death threats and using my real name & personal information could place our lives in jeopardy.

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    Trump needs to protect our 2nd ammendment rights. He recently let a bill sit on his desk until it expired without signing it that would of helped protect our rights. Now it won’t go though again and get approved due to many liberals now in the house that are against guns. I’m an independent the labels of Democrat &Republican mean nothing when i vote. I don’t vote for a label but a person for their beliefs, actions and whatvthey stand for. It’s as simple and as hard as what’s right is right.

    Americans should not have to fear their 2nd ammendment rights will be taken away. Our basic right to defend ourselves and our families. Right now in New Hampshire the government is trying to pass a bill that police can’t use lethal force. This is ignorant and absurd. Expecting our police to serve and protect without being able to use lethal force if necessary would be comparable to deploying a military unit for a mission but telling them they can’t use lethal force.

    Our police should always be able to have the option of using lethal force. Police protect us here on our own soil. I’m part of the blueblood family. My husband and a few dna family members are cops and I’m a medic. I can tell you first hand police do not want to shoot someone, they don’t want to take someone’s life. They pray to get through their career on the force without ever having to draw their gun. However, this isn’t always feasible so they train incase they have to. When a situation arises where they have no option but to use lethal force they do what is necessary. Then follow department protocol for officer involved shooting. When the officer can they sit in their squad. Their blank face now holds tears as they feel the full weight of having to use lethal force. They hit the steering wheel as they say why didn’t they listen, why didn’t they stop, why didn’t they put down the knife or gun. Police get judged for doing their job. You want them to serve & protect. You expect to go out wherever you need or want to go knowing your safe. You expect that when your kids go to school they will return home safe. You expect your family to be safe as you sleep the night away in bed. We have come to expect safety with no thought or reguard to the price that is paid by those who have sworn to protect and serve everyone equally and in doing so they put their lives at risk every day for people they don’t know. If your family was being held hostage and a police sniper had a shot you would expect that officer to use lethal force to protect you and your family. If a store is being robbed or a shooter is loose in a school you expect the police to do everything they can to protect the people in the store or the kids and teachers at the school even if that means using lethal force.

    Now imagine a shooter enters a school full of kids. The cops know how to stop the shooter, they know where the shooter is and that the shooter is headed to the cafeteria where 200 kids are eating lunch. You’re at work this comes across every channel as live news and your heart drops as they mention the name of your childs school. You rush down to the school. Ambulances wait in a row down the street. You see the swat van and the cops. You notice none of the cops are headed inside to take the shooter down instead they are pushing the crowd of parents back. You yell out to the cops why aren’t you going in to save our kids? Over a speaker a cop ask everyone to quiet down and listen. He stated he needs everyone to stay back incase the shooter comes out. That they have confirmed there is 1 person in the school with a gun. Several shots where fired into a classroom full of kids and the shooter is headed to the cafeteria where 200 kids are. However they can’t enter the school and take down the shooter before he reaches the cafeteria as they would only be shot upon trying. That as of last week the government banned police from using lethal force so instead of being able to enter the school and take down the shooter they needed to wait and come up with a plan to stop the shooter without using lethal force.

    About right now you’re thinking I’m crazy cops train to use lethal force in situations like this to stop take the shooter down before any more lives are taken. You’re correct the above story sounds crazy and yes cops do train for this. Right now as you read this the government in New Hampshire is fighting to push a bill through which bans police from using lethal force.

    Do you really think that the government will stop at just New Hampshire? No, New Hampshire will just be the first state with 49 states that will follow.

    If the government is going after banning cops from using lethal force they aren’t going to allow civilians to keep their guns.

    How quick do you think all cops will resign when the option of using lethal force is taken away and they are left with no way to protect themselves or others from a criminal with a gun or a knife. Cops will quickly resign leaving noone to serve and protect. Leaving people to drive as they want, criminals to rob places, medics unable to get to someone needing medical help as there are no cops to secure the scene. What do you think Trump’s next move would be? Martial law.

    You think are 2nd ammendment rights aren’t being slowly taken away and this bill won’t pass let’s jump back in history to July 16, 2015, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A terrorist committed a drive-by shooting at a recruiting center, then traveled to a U.S. Navy Reserve center and continued firing, where he was killed by police in a gunfight. Four Marines died on the spot, a Navy officer died from his wounds 2 days later, and 3 were injured. 13 months earlier three people were killed and more than a dozen were wounded at Fort Hood, Texas. Soldiers who survived deployments injured and killed at recruiting centers as the government’s orders are to put on their military uniform but they are not allowed to carry a gun at work for protection even after being attacked on American soil. They were told to “close the blinds”.

    The Military is already banned from carrying a gun at work for protection but must wear the uniform. In the above attack police killed the terrorist as our military is banned from carrying guns at work. When they pass the bill banning cops from using lethal force and another recruiting center comes under attack many more will be killed as they are banned from using lethal force. The terrorist shot over 100 rounds, had a vest on that held many more magazines, and had another automatic gun in his car with more rounds. If police didn’t use lethal force how many more Military officers would of died.

    We are already seeing the pattern of our guns our right to defend ourselves being taken away and it will only get worse. The government can’t let civilians keep their guns if military and cops are being banned from carrying or using. So who will be left to stop the criminals who will continue to use their guns.

    Our cops our the soldiers keeping us all safe on American soil just as our military deploys to fight wars to keep America safe and free. All of us who have gun permits know the weight of the gun we carry. We know the weight of each bullet in our gun. Its not a few ounces it’s the weight of human lifes. We respect our guns. One day ISIS will come to our soil just as we were invaded on 9-11. Americans have the right to defend ourselves against them. One day military, Veterans, cops, and Americans will fight side by side on our soil to keep America free and terrorists out. Without our 2nd ammendment rights America will fall and be taken over as we will not have the ability to protect ourselves our families our neighbors our nation.

    Time to stand up for our rights. Time to use your voice. Let’s not only fight to keep our 2nd ammendment rights but right now help the cops in New Hampshire fight the bill the government is trying to push through. The government won’t stop there they have 49 states left to ban cops from using lethal force. Being able to keep our right to defend ourselves won’t happen unless we come together and help the cops first. Write to Trump to Pence to the Representatives & Congress of New Hampshire. Write to your state’s representatives too. Let not let this bill go through.

    I Support The Second Amendment (Petition)

    Our Second Amendment rights are under a new wave of attacks. Sign this national petition and stand in defense of the Second Amendment.

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     YES! I'm standing for our Second Amendment rights against those who want to repeal or weaken our right to bear arms. 

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Keep labels on boxes, colors on crayons, humans off pedestals. Stand up & be counted or sit down & be nothing. Doesn't matter in 5 yrs it doesn't matter "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
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