Sign the "Free America Now" Petition to Get America Working Again!

Federal, state and local governments have effectively shut down huge portions of the U.S. economy and stifled the liberties of American citizens like few times in our history.

Americans have lost TRILLIONS in the stock market, entire sectors of the economy are at risk, and we now face a HUGE spike in unemployment that will only escalate if the shutdown/lockdown continues. Plus, Congress is doing what it does best -- turning to government-centered answers and spending TRILLIONS of dollars that our nation simply doesn't have!

It's time for the shutdown/lockdown to end before it's too late! That's why Grassfire has launched this Free America Now "GET AMERICA WORKING AGAIN" petition. Sign below and demand that local, state and federal officials stop the shutdown/lockdown and instead use measures that focus on protecting the most at-risk demographics and communities from COVID-19.

The petition states:

I'm calling on local, state, and national elected officials to FREE AMERICA NOW and "Get America Working Again." Although COVID-19 poses a very real health pandemic, the lockdown/shutdown measures also push all limits of government power even during an "emergency" and are a serious threat to our liberties. I'm signing the Free America Now " \GET AMERICA WORKING AGAIN" petition to call on an end to the oppressive "stay-at-home" orders and business and school shutdowns that are crippling our economy. Instead, government should use measures to contain the virus that focus on the most at-risk demographics and communities. Let's Free America Now and "Get America Working Again!"


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  • David McWilliams
    signed 2020-03-26 16:53:49 -0400
  • william hilliard
    signed 2020-03-26 16:52:19 -0400
  • David Brollier
    signed 2020-03-26 16:50:29 -0400
    The Bible says, “If there be any sick among you, let them call upon the elders of the church, and the prayer of faith shall heal them.” So it’s actually a positive thing to open church doors, if for nothing less then prayer for healing.
  • Jeff and Grace Yoshimoto
    signed 2020-03-26 16:50:04 -0400
    Stop the quarantine! Still be cautious but left us work again and go to church!!
  • Fred Ouellette
    signed 2020-03-26 16:49:54 -0400
    Suzanne Ouellette
  • Phil Papick
    signed 2020-03-26 16:49:34 -0400
  • Randy Edwards
    signed 2020-03-26 16:49:11 -0400
  • M Rozales
    signed 2020-03-26 16:48:14 -0400
  • rick sheffield
    signed 2020-03-26 16:47:50 -0400
  • Robert Snurka
    signed 2020-03-26 16:46:15 -0400
  • David Haring
    signed 2020-03-26 16:45:42 -0400
  • Carl Ott
    signed 2020-03-26 16:43:39 -0400
  • Larry and Diana Allore
    signed 2020-03-26 16:41:49 -0400
  • Chris Starks
    signed 2020-03-26 16:40:54 -0400
    Chris Starks
  • Steve Taylor
    signed 2020-03-26 16:40:45 -0400
  • Connie West
    signed 2020-03-26 16:40:11 -0400
    Yes, I agree it’s time to go back to normal!
  • David Lofton
    signed 2020-03-26 16:38:06 -0400
    We, as the audience of the national news media’s (now biased propaganda) and supporters/consumers of same via purchase of the goods and services they promote by advertisements have got to make a stand by demanding they " cease and desist" such flagrant abuse, misrepresentation of the facts, fake news and all else they have “devolved” into doing to us and our Nation (all aspects thereof).

    We are going to have to “suck-it-up” and deny our vicarious promotion of their improper behavior by boycotting their stations and programming; hit them where it hurts (viewership and their pocket-book). These stations have become despicable, self-serving and with agendas that are counterproductive to providing the American public with accurate, usable factoids which enable us to make informed, constructive decisions about critical as well as everyday issues/activities.

    Their bias and fake news reporting has become so blatant that it has become impossible to believe anything they report, at least for me and many I know. As of now, we have completely discounted it all and go elsewhere for our news and that is what the National viewership is going to have to do to stop them.
  • Christie Lambeth
    signed 2020-03-26 16:37:36 -0400
  • Robert J. Spina
    signed 2020-03-26 16:36:45 -0400
  • James Wojciechowski
    signed 2020-03-26 16:35:28 -0400
    Don’t let the cure be worse than the virus. People can use common sense protections. This is like the Flu. Protect the most vulnerable. Why are we doing this? Media Hype and Fake news for only one end. To take down our President. Get America Working again. Give everyone Chorolquin instead of unemployment
  • mitchell starks
    signed 2020-03-26 16:34:50 -0400
    Get back to work. Don’t make the cure worse then the problem. Million of us are suffering from this ( mostly ) farce.
  • David White
    signed 2020-03-26 16:34:43 -0400
  • Virginia Marquez
    signed 2020-03-26 16:34:35 -0400
  • Nelda Lewis
    signed 2020-03-26 16:33:36 -0400
  • Judith Gurfein
    signed 2020-03-26 16:32:23 -0400
  • Gerard Briggs
    signed 2020-03-26 16:32:02 -0400
  • S K Tate
    signed 2020-03-26 16:31:47 -0400
    Sandra K Tate
  • Roger Cash
    signed 2020-03-26 16:31:17 -0400
  • Ladd Prier
    signed 2020-03-26 16:30:59 -0400
    Crashing the US economy has long been a goal of the Left. Today the American Democratic party is as far left as China. The wet markets in China are breeding grounds for trans-species viruses and over the last 40 years, several such viruses have escaped China and become global.

    Coronavirus has been the most successful virus attack on America mostly due to the panic generated by the American Democratic party, the left-leaning mainstream media and China along with its allies.
  • Neville Robeson
    signed 2020-03-26 16:30:24 -0400
    The GOP needs to grow a pair. This flu outbreak is being used as a bludgeon to take down America to be replaced with their socialist state to put the sheeple in bondage.