Sign the "Free America Now" Petition to Get America Working Again!

Federal, state and local governments have effectively shut down huge portions of the U.S. economy and stifled the liberties of American citizens like few times in our history.

Americans have lost TRILLIONS in the stock market, entire sectors of the economy are at risk, and we now face a HUGE spike in unemployment that will only escalate if the shutdown/lockdown continues. Plus, Congress is doing what it does best -- turning to government-centered answers and spending TRILLIONS of dollars that our nation simply doesn't have!

It's time for the shutdown/lockdown to end before it's too late! That's why Grassfire has launched this Free America Now "GET AMERICA WORKING AGAIN" petition. Sign below and demand that local, state and federal officials stop the shutdown/lockdown and instead use measures that focus on protecting the most at-risk demographics and communities from COVID-19.

The petition states:

I'm calling on local, state, and national elected officials to FREE AMERICA NOW and "Get America Working Again." Although COVID-19 poses a very real health pandemic, the lockdown/shutdown measures also push all limits of government power even during an "emergency" and are a serious threat to our liberties. I'm signing the Free America Now " \GET AMERICA WORKING AGAIN" petition to call on an end to the oppressive "stay-at-home" orders and business and school shutdowns that are crippling our economy. Instead, government should use measures to contain the virus that focus on the most at-risk demographics and communities. Let's Free America Now and "Get America Working Again!"


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  • William Robbins Sr.
    signed 2020-05-01 10:58:13 -0400
    They want us to release prisoners who were found guilty, but want to keep us prisioners in our homes. Welcome to CHINA!
  • John Best
    signed 2020-05-01 10:56:45 -0400
  • Leigh Zaimes
    signed 2020-05-01 10:56:02 -0400
  • Deann Frazier
    signed 2020-05-01 10:43:44 -0400
    Deann Frazier
  • Paul Kleemeier
    signed 2020-05-01 10:43:21 -0400
    Policemen in some areas are acting like the lemmings who followed Hitler. Many Governors and local officials violate the US Constitution without a thought. It has got to stop.
  • Ben Affleck
    signed 2020-05-01 10:42:29 -0400
    This has been ridiculous from the beginning. The numbers NEVER supported this type of reaction (<1% of people have caught this and <1% of those DIE). It was mainly a MEDIA overreaction and hyping of a NON-ISSUE as is usual with them these days.
  • Elias Abilheira
    signed 2020-05-01 10:41:58 -0400
  • Eddie Hackney
    signed 2020-05-01 10:41:07 -0400
  • Arthur Green
    signed 2020-05-01 10:40:46 -0400
    We the people are the government. We know what is best for us, not the government

  • Linda Ottle
    signed 2020-05-01 10:40:37 -0400
  • Chris Kastner
    signed 2020-05-01 10:40:12 -0400
    Hey, I’m Canadian but pretty sure that maritime law has been abolished and I’m now protected by the U.S. constitution. Proud to be a U.S. patriot! now please help us depose traitor Trudeau!

  • Roger Cooper
    signed 2020-05-01 10:39:42 -0400
  • Mark Montoya
    signed 2020-05-01 10:39:08 -0400
    Mark Montoya
  • Amy Crilly
    signed 2020-05-01 10:37:12 -0400
    This is taking too long. And medical tyranny is coming next. If a patient is dying they will not even allow family in.
  • Tracy Gestewitz
    signed 2020-05-01 10:35:37 -0400
  • William Kwasny
    signed 2020-05-01 10:34:28 -0400
    The Marxist-Leninist Party (a.k.a., Democrats) is cackling with glee over the Wuhan Virus.

    We will have to struggle to regain our Constitutional rights from these tinhorn dictators. You must inform all of your friends and relatives about this situation, and politely convince them that cannot elect any Marxist-Leninist to office this November.
  • Linda Rushoe
    signed 2020-05-01 10:34:00 -0400
    Linda M Rushoe
  • James Gray
    signed 2020-05-01 10:33:40 -0400
    I feel this situation we are in about control of the people

    We are in election year and the commie dems want to win

    follow the money
  • Kenneth Rehder
    signed 2020-05-01 10:33:10 -0400
  • Lorelea Bobo
    signed 2020-05-01 10:32:41 -0400
    We need to stop letting rich people like Bill Gates and his friends and the Democratic Party run our country the pandemic is in God’s hands. Please take back our Country!
  • Barbara Kinnavy
    signed 2020-05-01 10:32:29 -0400
  • Jay Turner
    signed 2020-05-01 10:32:22 -0400
  • Betty Thompson
    signed 2020-05-01 10:32:05 -0400
  • Frederick Williams
    signed 2020-05-01 10:31:59 -0400
    Frederick L Williams
  • Dennis Ley
    signed 2020-05-01 10:31:48 -0400
    It’s time to safely get this economy and all our unemployed back to work.
  • Marvin Newell
    signed 2020-05-01 10:31:12 -0400
    Land of the FREE!!! & the home of the BRAVE…………
  • Joanna Wehrman
    signed 2020-05-01 10:30:30 -0400
    As we pray and believe God to move, we are going to see miracles happening. This is no time to Fear and hide. Christians wake up, take a stand for rightiousness . and to see a great awakening in our land and around the world.
  • Canda Patterson
    signed 2020-05-01 10:25:59 -0400
  • Clark Hadden
    signed 2020-05-01 10:24:01 -0400
  • Anita Gilliam
    signed 2020-05-01 10:24:00 -0400
    This really does need to stop TODAY! All businesses should open back up!