William Moon

  • commented on Action Needed: House Dems go "all in" on impeachment! 2019-09-26 12:24:40 -0400
    It is past time for the demented hate filled democrats to stop with their frivolous wasting of power and funds.Instead of doing what they are elected and thus paid to do,they follow their own hate filled agenda and in doing so are failing to support our nations leader and failing to represent America’s citizens and all the while thumbing their noses at us and acting as if WE actually work for them or acting as if they are better than us.Ever since Trump took office the twisted left has done NOTHING for America.NOTHING!For 3 plus years wasted millions if not billions of taxpayer monies,on nothing burgers.And act as if they have free rein to do so.They have done nothing to support and aid our nation’s duly elected president.With everything that he has accomplished without the support of the dems,we can only imagine what he would have accomplished if they actually supported and aided him.Our country is in need of a healing and the dems need to re-evaluate themselves,for they are the guilty party.They are doing exactly what they accuse Trump of. We have had ENOUGH of the twisted actions of the dems.