Peter T Howe

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    To Whom It May Concern:

    I wish to cancel my Grassfire monthly payment of $10.00, automatically debited from my checking account linked to my debit card, each 5th day of the month being the transaction date thereof, and each 6th day of the month being the posted date thereof.

    I thank Grassfire for its good service, as well as for the privilege extended to me to aid in supporting such good service; but, alas, times are a-changin’ slightly, and circumstances are a-straitenin’, as it were – so, I feel that I must, alas, cancel my monthly subscription to Grassfire and thereby save myself an extra $10.00 per month, to ostensibly aid myself in hunkering down for the hunger siege before our august Republic goes down the drain of oblivion within a decade at the most, and the Communitarianism rears its benevolent avuncular head to Uncle-Joe-tax this august nation like a 2-C-Note strumpet [if you will pardon the arguable unnecessary vulgarity inherent therein] into the largesse-laden arms of Big Brother.

    I’m only half-kidding, obviously.

    I simply happen to be Bipolar, for what it’s worth.

    But, nevertheless, I believe Grassfire is doing a fine job; and y’all have at the very least my prayer and moral support.

    However, present straitened economic circumstances appear to be looming enough to serve to dictate to me, as it were, that my monthly Grassfire payment must needs bite the proverbial dust, alas.

    Nevertheless, I bid you all Godspeed; and may God Bless you and keep you in the years to come.

    But I guess that pretty much goes without saying.

    You know; beginning with January 1st the next, this current year – as well as every single year thereafter – in hindsight, will be seen after 20/20.

    That was a joke.

    Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.


    Peter T Howe

    Credit Card And Member Questions

    Hi! I'm Tina, Grassfire's Member Services Manager.

    We set up this page to assist our team members with issues that may occur regarding monthly memberships and credit card charges with Grassfire.

    General credit card billing questions: Please complete this form, with a brief description of your credit card charge issue. Please include the date the transaction was made.

    VIP member inquiries: If you are a Grassfire VIP member, you can use this form for any question related to your monthly account, including: accessing your fax benefits, cancelling your membership, modifying your membership, or logging in to the new or old member platform.

    If you would do me one more favor? Please allow me 1-2 business days to reply. 

    Thanks, and sorry for your inconvenience!

    Tina, Member Services Manager

    (For general questions, go here.)


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    Tell Rush Limbaugh: "Thank You And Get Well Soon!"

    Join more than 20,000 who have signed Rush's "Get Well Soon" Card!

    For more than 30 years, Rush Hudson Limbaugh III has been one of the nation's leading conservative voices. He has championed America's founding ideals of liberty and limited government like few talk radio hosts ever.

    Following his shocking announcement of "advanced lung cancer," Grassfire is giving our team members the opportunity to thank the recent Medal of Freedom recipient for his service to our great nation and to wish him a quick and full recovery from the dreaded disease. Please sign this national get-well card for Rush Limbaugh now.

    Please add your name and then share this website with your friends and family members. When we reach our goal, we will deliver this get-well card to the Excellence in Broadcasting (EIB) Network offices in New York, NY. Add your name by simply completing the form below.

    UPDATE: So many concerned citizens have responded to this initiative that we reached our "stretch goal" of 20,000 signatures. Can you help us get to our stretch goal 25,000 signers in the next 48 hours? Add your name now!

    22,922 signatures

    Get-Well Card States:

    Dear Rush,

    Thank you for your service to this great nation as a leading voice of conservatism for more than 30 years. I join thousands of Grassfire team members in wishing you a quick and full recovery. Like millions of other patriotic Americans, I'm praying for you and your family at this difficult time. May God bless and strengthen you in this fight.

    Get well soon!

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    Sign the Petition to Stop the Anti-Faith "Equality" Act

    Radicals are pushing the very dangerous and wrongly named "Equality Act" that imposes the LGBT agenda and effectively criminalizes Christianity.

    This bill is not about "equality." It is about re-defining sexuality and putting people of faith on the wrong side of the law!

    UPDATE: The Senate may take up this bill AT ANY MOMENT. If you oppose this bill, complete the form below to sign this petition and say NO to the anti-faith Equality Act!

    Petition: "I Oppose the Anti-Faith 'Equality' Act"

    30,713 signatures

    I oppose the wrongly-named "Equality Act" -- a very dangerous bill that pushes a radical LGBT agenda while essentially criminalizing Christian beliefs. This bill would strip away religious liberties and put people of faith on the wrong side of the law. It also would force our churches and Christian businesses and schools to conform to the radical LGBT agenda. I urge you to oppose the so-called Equality Act.

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    Stand With The President And Support Life!

    Sign The Petition To "End Abortion In America"!

    Abortion is the scourge of our generation -- tens of millions of babies have been lost despite the overwhelming scientific and medical evidence proving that life begins at conception. Yet, eight states and Washington, D.C. have legalized abortion until the very moment before live birth

    Enough is enough! It's time for citizens to take a stand! Please sign the national petition to "End Abortion In America" now.

    By speaking at the 2020 March for Life Rally, President Trump proved he's one of the most pro-life presidents EVER. There has been no better time since the horrific 1973 Roe v. Wade decision for pro-life patriots to act against abortion!

    Please add your name and then share this petition with your friends and family members. When Grassfire reaches the important 25,000-signature plateau, we will hand-deliver your petition to congressional leaders. Add your name to the "End Abortion In America" national petition by completing the form below.

    21,718 signatures

    The Petition States:

    I'm taking a stand by signing the petition to "End Abortion In America." I am calling for Roe v. Wade to be reversed, and I support the confirmation of Supreme Court justices who will end abortion. I support any and all judicial and legal remedies that will declare abortion illegal and unconstitutional. I strongly oppose my tax dollars being used to fund any organization or entity that funds or provides abortion services. Finally, I am praying that God will remove the scourge of abortion from our land.

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