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    James O'Connor
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 17:37:18 -0500
    In 1970, I was shocked when hearing the federal government did not plan to balance its budget and horrified that my 6th grade teacher attempted to justify it. The previous summer, my grandmother took my older brother and I on a trip that included some time in the Soviet Union, where we got to see communism firsthand. It was disturbing… At that early age I was conservative but did not understand the views of teachers and the media.

    While living in Sacramento in 1985, there was a buzz about this guy Rush Limbaugh on KFBK AM radio that spoke of conservative ideas and offered an entertaining prospective on the Left. In addition, Rush Limbaugh suggested that it was alright to resist the left leaning college professors, the news media and leftist power grabbing politicians. Rush framed the left’s efforts to undermine American and conservative values and basically giving average conservatives affirmation that “I am not the only one that sees the deterioration of our country”.

    Rush Limbaugh so clearly and logically communicated the conservative prospective on issues, the left could only resort to name calling and lying. As Rush would say from time to time, “the left needs to be defeated in the arena of ideas” and he made it clear that it could be done easily. I listened to Rush as often as I could, and can only hope, learned enough help keep what he started moving in the Right direction.

    God Bless Rush