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    Jeffrey Zdrojewski
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 10:07:10 -0500
    Rush spoke the truth to all American’s, no matter what nationality, he stood up for bear Arm’s

    Libery and linited government like few talk-radio host and reporter’s do not just to keep their jobs really. We need more like Rush telling the truth getting the truth and having Government’s reps

    accountable in Washington D.C in all local government.

    He was on of nation’s leading voices spoke freely of honesty dignity and constitution ais our fore father’s written not changing words to benefit their way’s and also their needs and wants corruption’s.

    We must hold our leader’s countable we must not have corruption we all are equal in God’s

    our creator, blame game must stop in Washington D.C in our local authority in races of color.

    God is our creator, our nation have removed " IN GOD WE TRUST" we must stand up fight for

    our freedom to bear Arms, our country to protect and defend our country, make American great again by manufactuing jobs here, not just high tech jobs, but phyical labor, As our Former President Donald Trump did he did make American great but congress first day took office was not going to work with Trump at all, they made sure of it, shame on them blaming Trump for the group of protester’s outside for what a group of people did rage into the Capitol blaming Trump speaking to the crowed, doing everything possible so Trump is the bad guy, REALLY!

    We need to get back jobs, take care of our country not with china and keep our military home

    protecting our country not other’s, funding china Japan, whoever making faults deals with them for its not in our intrest its in the intrest of foreign counties, global warming really, air polution really get real. We all know dictatorship is our country is heading that way Rush

    was there to being out the truth the facts.

    With all that said, we are deeply sadden in the loss of Rush our condolence to the Family.

    May our Lord bring to each of you comfort with in yourselves, He will heal your pain sorrow

    He will never leave you nor forsake you, be strong in the Lord always, for Christ is comming back for the final day of this world that was to be perfect but He will make all things perfect for

    again New World in Christ believers. God Bless .