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    Norma J Garcia
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    Norma J Garcia
    Hopefully voters will recognize pandering when they see it. Look at the issues! , Realize that Biden’s pick will very likely become the president at some point within the next four years if Biden is elected. Her goals are very anti-Constitution and socialist. Per previous statements she is for health care for all—no matter the person’s citizenship status. She wants to give every 2000 every month to every person and each dependent (No identification as to citizenship required) and the country is how many trillions in debt already? This will destroy the economy and prices will soar. She wants to end fuel extraction on public lands and ultimately tax all fuel producers out of business so that gas prices will be so high people will be forced to give up fuel driven cars (very expensive concept). She is very much against the 2nd Amendment. These are just the publicly voiced views she’s stated openly when she ran for President previously. Biden babbles, Trump spews. At least Trump is coherent and definitely not controlled by puppet masters behind the curtain with anti-American views..
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    Norma J Garcia
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