Ken and Pam Owens

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    No we shouldn’t have to put up with president Trump being impeached, nor should we have to pay for it. Its bad enough having to be forced fed Biden and a Biden administration. Not to mention feeding taxes in to a Biden America and the leftist value system we don’t believe in. And before anyone suggest leaving if we don’t like it, I’m wondering if the leaving isn’t the only privelidge left us for the next term.

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    Yes, so

    obcessive is the fight against Amy’s faith and so intrusive.

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    Q: Do you think the shutdown efforts that have closed schools, courts, professional and amateur athletics, many restaurants and businesses have been a PROPER, UNNECESSARY, or OK BUT OVERDONE?

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    Pam Owens

    Tell Rush Limbaugh: "Thank You And Get Well Soon!"

    Join more than 20,000 who have signed Rush's "Get Well Soon" Card!

    For more than 30 years, Rush Hudson Limbaugh III has been one of the nation's leading conservative voices. He has championed America's founding ideals of liberty and limited government like few talk radio hosts ever.

    Following his shocking announcement of "advanced lung cancer," Grassfire is giving our team members the opportunity to thank the recent Medal of Freedom recipient for his service to our great nation and to wish him a quick and full recovery from the dreaded disease. Please sign this national get-well card for Rush Limbaugh now.

    Please add your name and then share this website with your friends and family members. When we reach our goal, we will deliver this get-well card to the Excellence in Broadcasting (EIB) Network offices in New York, NY. Add your name by simply completing the form below.

    UPDATE: So many concerned citizens have responded to this initiative that we reached our "stretch goal" of 20,000 signatures. Can you help us get to our stretch goal 25,000 signers in the next 48 hours? Add your name now!

    22,922 signatures

    Get-Well Card States:

    Dear Rush,

    Thank you for your service to this great nation as a leading voice of conservatism for more than 30 years. I join thousands of Grassfire team members in wishing you a quick and full recovery. Like millions of other patriotic Americans, I'm praying for you and your family at this difficult time. May God bless and strengthen you in this fight.

    Get well soon!

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    BORDER CRISIS: Illegal Crossings Skyrocket!

    Make Your Voice Heard In The Fight Against Illegal Immigration! Sign The National "Stop The Invasion!" Petition!

    Grassfire appreciates your willingness to take a position on the surge of illegal aliens streaming across America's southern border. If you agree that Congress should take action to "Stop The Invasion!", we're giving you the opportunity to make your voice heard on Capitol Hill.

    Patriotic Americans need to speak up and tell lawmakers in D.C. to force the Biden administration and radical Democrats to protect America's safety, sovereignty and way of life. You can do that by adding your name to the national petition calling on the U.S. government to "Stop The Invasion!"

    Simply complete the form below to sign, and Grassfire will hand-deliver your petition and thousands of others to House and Senate leaders after we reach 25,000 signatures. If you think America's leaders need to take bold, decisive action to stop illegal immigration, please add your name to the national "Stop The Invasion!" petition now!

    20,050 signatures

    The petition states:

    As a concerned, tax-paying American citizen, I'm adding my name to the national "Stop The Invasion!" petition.

    • I'm calling on lawmakers to take strong, immediate action to stop the flow of illegal aliens across our nation's southern border.
    • I oppose all forms of illegal immigration and demand that our nation uphold the laws for legal entry into our country to stop the current "border surge."
    • I demand that the Biden administration and Congress take immediate action to complete the wall along America's southern border and implement other measures to stop the flow of illegal aliens.
    • I call for Congress and the White House to stop COVID-positive illegals from entering the United States and to enact policies that prevent criminal aliens and illegal drugs from entering our country.

    This current crisis amounts to an illegal INVASION that threatens America's sovereignty, culture, security and way of life. Please note, I am monitoring your response to this crisis.

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