Rhonda Radabaugh

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    Hi Tina,

    Is there a way to suggest petitions that Grassfire might create, send out, and establish the fax process for?

    I would love to see a petition asking that the nursing home situation be looked at, in particular in states where governors knowingly pushed Covid positive patients into our nursing homes. NY and NJ are widely discussed in the media, but there are other states like Michigan, PA and California where it also happened and may still be happening. Additionally, I am not seeing that governors are addressing the issues as part of their re-opening plans…despite their call for protecting our ‘most vulnerable’ as justification for the shut down. The failure is reflected in the percentage of Covid deaths that have occurred in facilities (in PA 70% of our total deaths occurred in facilities).

    I don’t believe that we as a country should look away. We failed our seniors on this issue, but I guarantee you it is indicative of larger issues within the system. We are failing those folks every day all while administrators pull down hefty salaries, even at our ‘non-profit’ facilities. It’s big business these days with our aging population.

    My hope would be not only to hold responsible officials to some level of accountability, but also to possibly see sweeping reforms in the industry. Our seniors deserve so much more. They are vulnerable and without a voice or a way out. We can do better.

    Thanks for your consideration,

    Rhonda Radabaugh.

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