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    commented on UNHINGED: Schumer threatens Supreme Court Justices! 2020-03-06 16:47:16 -0500
    Schumer believes he is the eternal savior of all humanity while in truth, he is nothing more than a typical Democratic Party LIAR. He is a person who if his mouth is moving and sound is coming out, it is a LIE, pure and simple as was demonstrated during the impeachment trial against Our President Trump, probably THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And those who follow politics closely know why the Democrats are so upset over Hillary “The Criminal” Clinton lost her Presidential election bid to Donald J. Trump. During the 2012 Presidential election in which all of America was positive Obama would get his butt handed to him because he was so terrible as President. All the Congressional Democrats walked about Washington with long faces knowing they were going to get demolished in the election. Suddenly with about 6 weeks to go, over one weekend, Obama began appearing with a huge smile declaring, “We will win, no doubt.” Then all the rest of the congressional Democrats began doing the same with huge smiles. Everyone else was puzzled. Then the election came and to everyone’s shock, Obama won. Almost immediately, in Indiana 4 Democrats were arrested and carted off to jail charged with election fraud. Authorities during the trial of the four, stated the scheme they used was so great, that it was only an accident that it was discovered and further, it could be done across the country to control the election and it was very unlikely it would be discovered. Might we now know the reason Obama won in 2012 and that suddenly during one weekend about 6 weeks before the election, he and the rest of the low-life Democrats all began smiling and declaring they would win while the rest of the country laughed. IF indeed, they used the same voter fraud scheme found in Indiana that caused for men to go to prison for voter fraud, and we believe they did, then the same scheme was used to put Hillary “The Criminal” Clinton in the White House, except Donald J. Trump and his people were better at working the election legally and still beat Clinton. The fact that Trump beat CHEATING HILLARY, while his team was campaigning legally, really has upset the Democrats and they are intent upon taking him from office. This is why it is so important for the individuals who recognize all the greatness that Our President Trump has brought to our great nation must get out to vote this year and make sure all who want to vote are able to do so and to help those unable to get to the polls are still able to vote. We cannot allow the Democrats to return to the White House so we can finish draining the swamp and empty Washington and our government of all the lying, scheming Democrats who are determined to take over the government as well as total and complete control of America, all her people, change OUR CONSTITUTION to take all the power from the people and put it in the government and then do away with elections. IF they get any form of socialism into our government, we are then headed to become the USSA, or a copy of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. We cannot allow this to happen and in addition, their first act will be to ban all weapons. Remember, AR rifles are NOT automatic firing weapons nor are they the same as used by our military, yet more lies from the Democrats. For those who believe the Democrats are for the little guy, the minorities and so forth, do not believe it and you can go to the congressional website where you can see every vote ever in congress for all laws passed or defeated and you will find the Democrats EVERYTIME VOTED AGAINST all new laws that would improve conditions for minorities, the little guy and etc. They are the BEST LIARS on the globe, bar none and you should never believe anything they say. God Bless America, God Bless Americans, and God Bless Our President Donald J. Trump!