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  • signed "Pray For The President and First Lady" Statement of Support - Grassfire 2020-10-02 13:36:30 -0400
    God speed and be healed in Jesus name! You are doing a great job as President and First Lady. Don’t let the disrespect and hate get to you, you are honored and loved by many, including me.

    Sign The Statement of Support Saying, "I'm Praying For The President, First Lady, Their Family And White House Staff"

    After the President and First Lady both tested positive for COVID-19, Mr. Trump spent three days at Walter Reed Medical Center receiving treatment. With his blood-oxygen levels normal and no fever, America's Commander-in-Chief made a triumphant return to the White House.

    But the President's doctor says Mr. Trump is "not completely out of the woods yet" and needs to be closely monitored in case his symptoms return or get worse. Also, several White House staffers and others close to the Trumps have tested positive for coronavirus. With less than four weeks until Election Day, the First Family needs the prayers of a faithful nation behind them.

    In response to the coronavirus outbreak and other threats to the President, First Lady, their family and staff, Grassfire is "doubling down" on our "I'm Praying" initiative. We now want 20,000 team members to add their names to our national Statement of Support. Stand with thousands of American patriots declaring, "I'm Praying For The President And The First Family"!

    When Grassfire reaches 20,000 "I'm Praying" signers, we'll deliver this Statement of Support to the White House. Please add your name below.

    Here's the Statement of Support:

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    President Trump... I'm praying for you and the First Lady. May God bless and protect both of you, your family and those closest to you, including your friends and staff at the White House.


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  • commented on URGENT: Senate Dems want to kill GOP police-reform bill 2020-06-24 12:48:07 -0400
    This is a dangerous bill. “No Knock” warrant give the police unfettered authority to break into homes, “for any reason” and is a dangerous precedent! This erodes our security and privacy rights, warrants are a good check and balance system that should be maintained. There are other problems with this “defund” the police bill…a no vote would best serve the interests of all Americans. Another bill needs to be formed. I am a Christian conservative and I do not agree with this bill.