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  • signed "Stop The Invasion" Petition (2018) 2018-12-21 01:33:30 -0500

    Sign Now: Tell Congress To "Stop The Invasion"!

    Make Your Voice Heard In The Fight Against Illegal Immigration!

    Grassfire appreciates your willingness to take a position on President Trump declaring a national emergency to build a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. If you agree that Congress should take action to "Stop The Invasion," we want to give you the opportunity to make your voice heard on Capitol Hill.

    Patriotic Americans need to speak up and tell lawmakers in D.C. that they support our Commander-in-Chief's efforts to protect America's safety, sovereignty and way of life. You can do that by adding your name to the national petition calling on the U.S. government to "Stop The Invasion!"

    Simply complete the form below to sign, and Grassfire will deliver your petition and thousands of others to the White House and leaders in Congress once we reach 20,000 signatures. If you think America's leaders need to take bold, decisive action to stop illegal immigration, please add your name to "Stop The Invasion" now!

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    The petition states:

    As a concerned, tax-paying American citizen, I am adding my name to this national petition calling on the U.S. government to "Stop The Invasion” of illegal immigration.

    • I oppose all forms of illegal immigration and demand that our nation uphold the laws for legal entry into our country.
    • I demand that President Trump and Congress take immediate action to BUILD A WALL along our southern border and implement other measures to stop the flow of illegal immigration.
    • I call for Congress and the President to END CATCH AND RELEASE and other policies that cause hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to be granted access to our country.
    • I also urge lawmakers to take strong, immediate action to STOP THE FLOW OF ILLEGAL DRUGS and criminal activity coming across our border.

    This current crisis amounts to an illegal INVASION that threatens our sovereignty, our culture, and our security. Please note, I am monitoring your response to this crisis.

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  • commented on FB TRYING TO BAN ME LIKE THEY DID DIAMOND & SILK 2018-07-26 18:36:13 -0400
    FB blocked me from all of my accounts – I had six, playing musical chairs with the accounts as FB would give me days in FB jail on one, or more, I’d switch to another account. Then – bam! – I was thrown off FB completely. For one reason, and one reason only – my conservative views and support of President Trump! Suckerberg has mostly muzrats working for FB, out in California. The niece of a friend worked there until it got so bad – bad odor, literally, and crappy attitudes by the muslims, she found another job and quit FB! She said they were rabid in tracking down conservatives on FB and shutting them down. This is an absolute blatant violation of our First Amendment rights!!! FB may be a private venue, claiming certain censorship rights, but they are also a public venue, which should annul their right to censor the public as they pick and chose!