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  • Join thousands of Americans telling President Trump: "We love you!"

    The energy and enthusiasm surrounding President Trump's re-election is unprecedented. At recent campaign rallies, supporters have been chanting: "We love you! We love you! We love you!" Journalists who have covered politics for decades can't remember EVER hearing that kind of affection and appreciation for a candidate.

    Because COVID-19 restrictions are limiting large gatherings, most Americans can't attend a Trump rally. So Grassfire wants to give you the opportunity to join thousands of supporters who are telling President Trump exactly how they feel. Take action now by signing the national "We Love You, President Trump!" Petition.

    Simply complete the form below to let the President know how much you appreciate what he's done and will continue doing to "Make America Great Again!" After adding you name, please consider sharing this petition with your pro-Trump friends and family members, and urge them to sign, too. When we reach our goal of 10,000 signers, we will deliver your name to the Trump campaign.

    5,092 signatures

    Tell President Trump:

    Mr. President,

    I'm one of the millions of Americans who is so thankful that God has chosen you to lead this great nation. I stand with them today in saying: "We love you!" In the fight against the radical Left, the Deep State, the D.C. Swamp, Establishment Republicans, NeverTrumpers, FAKE NEWS and the Hollywood "elite," you have done a tremendous job "Making America Great Again." I pray you have four more years to complete the amazing work you've accomplished by putting America First. Thank you for your service to the USA. May God bless and strengthen you in your re-election campaign and as you serve "We the People" as Commander-in-Chief.


    A Patriotic, Pro-Trump American


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  • signed "Stop The Violence!" Petition 2020-09-02 10:42:03 -0400

    Sign The National "STOP THE VIOLENCE!" Petition

    The rioting, looting and death in several Democrat-run cities in mostly Democrat-led states has gotten out of hand. But now that the violence has begun to hurt Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden in the polls, suddenly the Left wants to talk about it. Why? So they can blame President Trump!

    These ongoing riots are NOT the fault of America's Commander-in-Chief. Mr. Trump has continued to offer federal help, but it has been mostly refused. The radical Left, whose Antifa and BLM thugs are behind most of the orchestrated chaos, has been fanning the flames of violence and unrest in hopes of hurting the President's reelection chances.

    Most Democrat leaders have refused to condemn or even recognize the months-long problem, which began in May with peaceful protests that devolved into nightly mayhem America suffers with now. The FAKE NEWS media has been complicit in the lawlessness by excusing, minimizing, ignoring or even celebrating the death and destruction. Grassroots patriots MUST make their voices heard by declaring, "ENOUGH!"

    Dozens have been killed, businesses have been ransacked, and livelihoods have been destroyed. It's time for the murder and mayhem to end before even more lives are ruined. That's why Grassfire has launched the national "STOP THE VIOLENCE!" petition. Sign below and demand that Democrat Governors, Representatives, Senators -- as well as their Republican colleagues -- protect life, health and property by taking immediate, meaningful action to "STOP THE VIOLENCE!" now.

    The petition states:

    1,591 signatures

    I'm calling on local, state and nationally elected officials to "STOP THE VIOLENCE!" plaguing Americans in several Democrat-run cities in Democrat-led states. As a concerned taxpayer and citizen, I'm asking you to say "ENOUGH!" Please take immediate action to do what you can to end the ongoing riots that are destroying lives and livelihoods. As an independent-thinking, liberty-loving, patriotic American, I'm signing the national "STOP THE VIOLENCE!" Petition in accordance with my First Amendment right to "petition the Government for a redress of grievances." We the People deserve to live in peace and harmony, not under the fear and intimidation of mob rule. As promised in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution, our Government should empower its citizens "to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity." 


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  • signed coronavirus_petition 2020-03-26 16:38:06 -0400
    We, as the audience of the national news media’s (now biased propaganda) and supporters/consumers of same via purchase of the goods and services they promote by advertisements have got to make a stand by demanding they " cease and desist" such flagrant abuse, misrepresentation of the facts, fake news and all else they have “devolved” into doing to us and our Nation (all aspects thereof).

    We are going to have to “suck-it-up” and deny our vicarious promotion of their improper behavior by boycotting their stations and programming; hit them where it hurts (viewership and their pocket-book). These stations have become despicable, self-serving and with agendas that are counterproductive to providing the American public with accurate, usable factoids which enable us to make informed, constructive decisions about critical as well as everyday issues/activities.

    Their bias and fake news reporting has become so blatant that it has become impossible to believe anything they report, at least for me and many I know. As of now, we have completely discounted it all and go elsewhere for our news and that is what the National viewership is going to have to do to stop them.

    Sign the "Free America Now" Petition to Get America Working Again!

    Federal, state and local governments have effectively shut down huge portions of the U.S. economy and stifled the liberties of American citizens like few times in our history.

    Americans have lost TRILLIONS in the stock market, entire sectors of the economy are at risk, and we now face a HUGE spike in unemployment that will only escalate if the shutdown/lockdown continues. Plus, Congress is doing what it does best -- turning to government-centered answers and spending TRILLIONS of dollars that our nation simply doesn't have!

    It's time for the shutdown/lockdown to end before it's too late! That's why Grassfire has launched this Free America Now "GET AMERICA WORKING AGAIN" petition. Sign below and demand that local, state and federal officials stop the shutdown/lockdown and instead use measures that focus on protecting the most at-risk demographics and communities from COVID-19.

    The petition states:

    9,475 signatures

    I'm calling on local, state, and national elected officials to FREE AMERICA NOW and "Get America Working Again." Although COVID-19 poses a very real health pandemic, the lockdown/shutdown measures also push all limits of government power even during an "emergency" and are a serious threat to our liberties. I'm signing the Free America Now " \GET AMERICA WORKING AGAIN" petition to call on an end to the oppressive "stay-at-home" orders and business and school shutdowns that are crippling our economy. Instead, government should use measures to contain the virus that focus on the most at-risk demographics and communities. Let's Free America Now and "Get America Working Again!"


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  • signed coronavirus_statement 2020-03-18 14:17:58 -0400

    I feel for President Trump as he is in the proverbial and untenable position of “damned if I do and damned if I don’t”. If he doesn’t act on the side of caution the media and the Dem’s attack, if he overreacts or under-reacts they do the same. The sad thing is we have way too many people in our Nation that cannot think for themselves and cannot apply common sense because they don’t have any. If they did, the Dem’s would realize that supporting the two losers they now have as front runners for 2020 cannot win. Oh, maybe there is a plot to insure the pick for VP is the real candidate for President but the dropouts are no better and will not win either.

    My opinion is the same as allot of us that do have common sense, the mass media did their job of disseminating a false and exaggerated narrative until it was well implanted and accepted by many and then did their expected back-tracking and resolved to be more responsible in their reporting, at least concerning the USA. having already done the damage they intended to do.

    The scare they (mm) implanted has done its dirty work and the result is crippling our society and slowing the economy in an attempt to reverse all the good will and support for the gains accomplished by the Trump Administration, make no mistake about that folks.

    Calm down, find a reputable web-site for the actual medical facts, the real numbers for those infected and the actual mortality rate and take the same precautions you would avoiding any outbreak. The COVID-19 is not a pandemic killer of all it infects, not even close, look it up. It is more manageable than pneumonia and the deaths are mostly the elderly with underlying heath issues and compromised immune systems.

    If we were not living in the technological age we are and we did not have a hostile, deteriorating political party so desperately trying to survive its enemy from within (The Radical Left Wing Progressive Socialist Democrats-the Squad, etc.) and the mass media’s hate for a successful, non-pork-barrel owing, believer in God Almighty President our current situation would be entirely different! Those entities mentioned here are the reason we are in the shut-down we are with the scared believing the original false narrative forcing actions not really wanted by the Administration but is left with little choice which is additionally fueled by the panic world-wide.

    The testing that is now being implemented is very accurate in identifying the COVID-19 virus and is being made more and more available as I write this commentary.

    Get on a reputable web-site, find the daily white house report and read the facts concerning what President Trump has done and is doing to address what the world has created as a pandemic likened to the “black plague” when medicine and doctors were primitive and vaccines, testing and health precautions did not exist, come on folks, get a grip! Most of those infected have the flu, not a flesh eating monster that kills all it comes in contact with. Just take precautions and follow the protocol that is now being asked of you and this too will pass. Don’t panic buy and don’t forget your daily prayers.

    I am a US Army veteran, former WA State police officer and former Cal’ State disaster assistance responder so I have been there done that, be prudent, be cautious, perform good hygiene, don’t panic, do not hoard, do not panic buy and use “COMMON SENSE” in all you do on a daily basis. If sick stay home, if that illness worsens then seek a medical clinic otherwise treat your symptoms as you would with any similar flu, cold and cough while at home.

    The current national shutdown was unnecessary based on just the COBID-19, however the surrounding panic and public reaction worldwide exacerbated/escalated the national/international response to its’ current status. It is both unfortunate and fortunate in that the world’s Nations are talking and cooperating with one another and those Nations that aren’t are basically Iran and China. They have been less than forthcoming with accurate reporting with the Iranian religious leaders as despicable as ever in claiming COVID-19 is a tool/weapon to be used by Jihadists to take down the infidel. These so-called religious leaders are telling their infected to spread the weapon now at their disposal. You know what I wish for them, sorry, not very Christian of me but they need to stop!

    Be safe and prudent, use common sense and you will be fine.

    Red, White and Blue through and through!

    Take a stand against the coronavirus fear machine. Sign the "No Fear" statement and resist unconstitutional encroachment on our lives

    Grassfire wants to empower our team members to stand strong against the FEAR MONGERING over the Chinese Coronavirus and the threat of government encroachment on our lives. In response to the mass hysteria and misinformation surrounding this outbreak, we've launched a national "Fight The Fear" statement and are asking you to add your name. Take action now to push back against the panic with the truth about the illness.

    By signing, you can help BUST the MYTHS being pushed by the FEAR-BASED MEDIA COMPLEX. While the virus MUST be taken very seriously, it does not justify GLOBAL PANIC. Everyone needs to take prudent steps to protect themselves and their families by minimizing risks. But, as Americans, we also must REJECT THE FEAR NARRATIVE and insist on living life as normally as possible.

    The "Fight The Fear" Statement reads:

    609 signatures

    I will FIGHT the tidal wave of FEAR that is gripping our nation over the Chinese Coronavirus while calling on our leaders to not impose unconstitutional restrictions on our liberties in an effort to combat this virus. While I will take every precaution to protect myself and my loved ones, especially the elderly, I reject the fear narrative being pushed by so many in the media. Instead, I will educate myself about the true threat posed by this virus and encourage my family, friends and elected officials to reject major disruptions to our lives. And I will not fear. As commanded in Joshua 1:9, I will "be strong and of a good courage."

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  • signed "Censure Schumer!" Petition 2020-03-06 11:39:09 -0500
    David V Lofton

    Sign The National "Censure Schumer!" Petition NOW!

    Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) may have thought he was simply delivering an "applause line" in front of a "friendly" crowd of abortion supporters on the front steps of the Supreme Court of the United States on March 4, 2020. But, in fact, it was a totally inappropriate threat against two excellent and esteemed jurists: Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

    "I want to tell you Gorsuch, I want to tell you Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind," Sen. Schumer yelled. "And you will pay the price! You won't know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions."

    As a direct response to Schumer's hateful rhetoric, Grassfire is empowering our team members to call on Congress for the immediate censure of the Senior Senator from New York. His totally inappropriate verbal attack against the judicial branch, which exists to protect the rights of EVERY AMERICAN, demands a retraction, full apology AND his immediate resignation.

    13,040 signatures

    The "Censure Schumer!" Petition States:

    I'm calling on members of Congress to censure Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) for his appalling threats against two highly esteemed jurists for the Supreme Court of the United States: Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. In fact, I think the Senior Senator from New York should resign immediately for his offensive, inappropriate verbal attack on members of the judicial branch.

    Americans are tired of the hateful rhetoric that has infected Congress and its so-called "leaders." The fact that it came out of the mouth of the highest-ranking Democrat in the United States Senate is especially troubling. The Senate Minority Leader knows better and should immediately retract his awful, threatening statements, personally apologize to the Justices and resign from the Senate. Please respond to this petition by taking swift action to censure Mr. Schumer and see him removed from office.

    Simply add your name to the national "Censure Schumer!" Petition below. Grassfire representatives will hand-deliver your petition to Congress, as soon as Grassfire reaches the important 20,000-signature plateau.

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