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    Q: Do you SUPPORT or OPPOSE President Trump's new tariffs on Mexico to curb illegal immigration?

    POLL: Trump's Mexico Tariffs

    President Trump just announced that the U.S. will impose a tariff on all imports coming from Mexico until the Mexican government cracks down on the flow of illegal immigration into our countryOfficials announced that the tariff could increase to as much as 25% if the Mexican government does not take actions to stop illegal immigration into the U.S. This surprise announcement is one of the strongest moves ever by a U.S. President to address the crisis of illegal immigration.

    Please complete our one-question poll on whether you SUPPORT or OPPOSE President Trump's Mexico tariffs!

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    PETITION: Investigate the Investigators!

    The Mueller Report has found that there was NO COLLUSION -- just as President Trump established all along. Now it's time to INVESTIGATE THE INVESTIGATORS -- including the Obama Administration, the Obama FBI, the Clinton Campaign, James Comey and others. This is the REAL collusion story that must be uncovered!

    ++Action: Sign Petition and say "Investigate The Investigators"

    Grassfire has created this national petition to give citizens a way to express their desire that the Trump Administration and Congress conduct thorough investigations into the investigators and the real collusion behind the Anti-Trump witchhunt.

    Sign the petition below and share it with your friends!


    5,424 signatures

    Now that the Mueller Investigation has exonerated President Trump on any Russia collusion, it is time for both the Justice Department and Congress to conduct thorough investigations into the investigators who inspired and conducted this nearly three-year-long witch hunt. I'm calling on both Justice and the Senate to investigate the Obama Administration, the Obama FBI, the Clinton Campaign, James Comey and others -- including the already known collusion that took place with Russian operatives to create the bogus anti-Trump dossier that helped launch the witch hunt. We must "Investigate The Investigators"!

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    Paying my membership why can’t I send free Faxes ?

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    Hi! I'm Tina, Grassfire's Member Services Manager.

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    Build the Wall !!!