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    George Wiseman
    signed coronavirus_petition 2020-04-09 16:01:41 -0400
    We have real low cost treatments, that could stop the disease in it’s tracks, that the government could hand out for FREE, costing no more than $200 per person.
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    George Wiseman
    commented on Coronavirus Main Page 2020-03-12 06:13:28 -0400
    The biggest mistake is ONLY listening to the ‘cry wolf’ media who are ONLY reporting myth-information from the CDC, WHO and from the Chinese (all of which have miss-reported ‘facts’ in the past).

    The big problem is the FEAR the media is gleefully fanning… Forcing the politicians to ‘take action’ when no action would be the appropriate response.

    Anyone who steps back, takes a breath and examines the actual facts (reported by alternative media) sees that there have been LOTS of flus worse than this particular strain of CV and no one felt the need to shut down the world.

    The Media has, over the last few years, realized that they could turn the ordinary flu season into a frenzy and they are competing for viewers eyes. So no one is reporting that the sky is NOT falling because people would rather hear of grandparents dying than babies surviving.

    The sad thing is that next year, after this kerfuffle has ended and been forgotten due to increasing sunlight giving us the vitamin D we need to fight the flu…
    The next flu season will begin and the media will have sharpened their pens to promote the fear all over again…

    Resulting in huge profits for the Pharmaceutical industry you see in their commercials…