Barbara Renner

  • commented on POLL: Should President Trump use U.S. troops to end rioting? 2020-06-04 19:45:05 -0400
    I know that the President will do his best to preserve the Lives and Liberty of the American People ,if that means calling in the Military, so be it! I trust President Trump but I do not trust those who oppose our President’s every move and fear those “tyrannical forces” are gearing up for an overthrow of our Government and will do anything to depose President Trump .Can we count on ‘all ’Troops to remain loyal in light of the General Mattis upset and FBI ’s bias ?Respect and Loyalty have diminished greatly when Our President leaving the White House to inspect the damage to a Historic Church is accused of self promotion. It is a tragedy when destroying or defacing any property is excused as acceptable venting of rage Loss of behavioral control in adults requires serious intervention not ’time out’ with Mr. Rogers. It is too late for that now! All lives have value and their lifelong pursuits need to be preserved and respected as their contribution to our society. Allowing vandalism and looting is very instructive of the socialistic view of leveling the playing field until no one can prosper . Until all Life from Conception to Natural Death is once again nurtured and respected, there will always be someone who thinking they should have the advantage will seek to undermine or" eliminate" someone in their path. Hearing the words of George Floyd’s Brother ,reminiscing about Mayonnaise and Banana Sandwiches, struck me as a great reminder that we all have family history in common, good bad and in between . Our history defines us as people whatever our differences and as persons we need to seek the common thread of humanity in those we meet before we dismiss them. The fear and division we are experiencing now can dissipate ,with faith and forgiveness and determination not to turn on each other but to help each other see their worth. Evil cannot succeed in an atmosphere of Love and Respect.