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    Dear Government of USA and my Ohio Representatives,

    Please! Stop social media from censoring information! The Democrat owners do not want the public to know about their editing local, international, political events to their advantage for profit.

    Like AT&T they need to be broken up. No one can start their own social media company. Facebook and Twitter have crushed their competition in business, politically and financially crushing “others” from getting off the ground.

    Their monopolies need to be taken apart. They are too powerful. They threaten my freedom of speech as well as everyone else. Including our ability to make a living, speak to our friends, speak our thoughts, share ideas, protect our freedom of speech.

    Force them to be public Goverment agencies. Make laws to protect us from social media control. Just look how other countries control social media so social media does not control them.

    Their suppression of news and events damage all of us.

    I am scared. I feel threatened. I feel unsafe.

    If Facebook or Twitter decided I was in opposition with their views. What is to prevent them from erasing me?

    I would loose touch with work, family and friends. This would Devastate me and ruin me financially and socially crushing my desire to live.

    Please see to it their Monopolies are destroyed. Because they are destroying the freedom of Americans.

    You are our government. You work for the people. It’s your responsibility to protect us. Please do your job. My life my future and my safety depends on you. Please do the right thing.

    Oppressed Censored Invisible,