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    Fabia Barsic
    commented on SHOCK: Twitter bans Trump -- PERMANENTLY! 2021-01-09 15:21:30 -0500
    What is Grassfire claiming to be working on to create a conservative channel with freedom of speach?
    There are already platforms that compete with Facebook and Twitter and Google Chrome and Gmail.

    The first thing Grassfire can donis to take down the “sign in with Google or Facebook” system.

    The second thing Grassfire should do is inform their members about the alternatives and step by step instructiins on how to replace and delete these socialist platforms who are censoring free speech AND selling our data to make money.

    Here is a list my friends…for now…
    Replace Chrome with Duck Duck Go
    Replace Gmail with Protonmail
    Replace Facebook and Twitter with Parler
    Replace Youtube with Rumble

    Since Google play and soon Apple have removed Parler from their app store since Parler told them they would not abide by their socialist rules of censorship you can follow the instructions at this link and download from m.apksum


    If Grassfire or any on in this membership have other alternatives or comments about these alternatives please share.
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    Fabia Barsic
    I agree with Leichsenring

    You can’t fight evil bullying thieves by faxes or peaceful assembly in this country any longer. Tyranny must be fought in every way that is possible.

    These people are the fearless and we should be proud of them since they brought the media in to see what most of america thinks about hypocritical lying tyrannical beaurocrats. The woman who gave her life to this country yesterday at the Capitol will always be my hero. A proud veteran and fighter for justice.
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