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    Troy Hoffman
    You need to update this. The statistics weren’t complete when you crunched the numbers. When the article was written, week 11 was at 47,655. It’s now, as of May 13, at 54,704. The overall deaths for weeks 9 to 11 went from 153,015 to 168,459. Yes, this is less than the same 3 weeks last year by 5,865 (about 3%), but that can be attributed to the Covid-19 safety measures taken causing a decrease in other causes of deaths, such as traffic fatalities and other infectious diseases.

    That said, if you look at weeks 14, 15, and 16, the numbers paint a completely different story. In the 2018-19 season, there were a total of 166,534 deaths in the US during these three weeks. This year, the number was 198,488. That’s an increase of 31,954 for the 3 weeks, or about 19%. The number will likely go up slightly since April’s data is not fully collected, but it should be pretty close. When accounting for the decrease in other causes of deaths due to lock downs, this puts us around equal to the official death tolls.

    This isn’t a hoax. It’s real. People are dying from it. If it weren’t for concerts, festivals, and amusement parks being shut down; social distancing; facial coverings; and stay-at-home orders, April’s deaths could easily have been in the hundreds of thousands just in the US.