Philip Faustman

  • commented on Saints QB Brees pushes back on Trump criticism 2020-06-10 16:35:13 -0400
    Nope! Not buying it Drew! You are a coward! What injustices are you talking about? Living in the greatest country in the world? The least racist nation in the world. Living in a country where you are free to work as hard as you wish to become wealthy no matter what skin color, religion or sexual orientation you have? You drank the leftist victim ideology koolaid. You in essence got on your knees and kissed the BLM’S and ANFIFA’s asses to be politically correct. The flag has nothing to do with racism or oppression. Quite the opposite. It represents freedom for everyone, but especially represents those that gave their lives and limbs for you and all Americans regardless of skin color. Every day it seems like there is another media manufactured reason to hate our country and our President. You had a chance to be brave and stand for our flag but you caved to the racist radical left. The same people rioting and killing their own people in the streets. The very people they say are being oppressed BLM and Antifa are killing! How does that make sense? I am boycotting the NFL! You play a game and make multi millions and claim the country that gave you the American dream is racist and oppressing people! Wow!

  • commented on WHO guidelines do NOT include any of the harsh lockdown measures put into place in U.S. and around the world 2020-04-30 15:08:22 -0400
    Outstanding job! Thank you for sharing the truth!

  • commented on What? Total U.S. Deaths DOWN 10% In March From Prior Years, Further Raising Question Of COVID Impact 2020-04-08 22:32:25 -0400
    All deaths are being reported as Covid-19 naturally. They want to set a new precedent of government lockdown and compliance. This is just a test run and we see politicians going way overboard with abuse of power. Prepare!

  • commented on Over 80,000 Flu/Pneumonia Deaths THIS SEASON 2020-04-01 11:39:01 -0400
    Wondering if some of those P&I deaths were Covid 19 before they had the testing for it? Guess we will never know. One thing is for sure though. This is hysteria weaponized to control the Sheeple. Now every time the scientists say jump we close down our society and depend on government to survive. Expand government by 25 to 30% and sink our children and grandchildren’s futures in more unimaginable debt.