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    Jerry Anderson
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 12:29:03 -0500
    After my military career, (1960-1980, USAF) I ventured into truck driving as a second career. I remember tuning into Rush sometime in the late 80"s and from the first broad cast, I was hooked on this conservative voice from Rush.

    Daily, I tuned into the Rush Limbaugh show, from 12;00 till 3;00, to get an honest assessment of the daily news…much more in depth than the other commentators of the news at that time.

    My wife and I attended one of Rush’s personal appearances program back in the early days of his travels and appearances around the country. Rush was always entertaining and always a purveyor of truth of daily political happenings and opinions.

    Rush was and always will be my personal hero. His contributions to “talk radio” can never be equaled. He paved the way for other Talk Shop hosts to succeed. His contributions to effective and honest communication for the “conservative voice” will never be surpassed.

    Rush is in God’s hands now, but his memory will live on as one of the great all-time commentators on daily news summaries and opinions.

    Thank you Rush for your honesty and integrity.

    Jerry W. Anderson MSgt, USAF (Ret)

    PS. Most assuredly your “Golden EIB microphone” awaits you in Heaven.
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    Jerry Anderson
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