Here's the list of 18 Republican Senators who sided with Democrats on the "infrastructure" SPENDING SCAM on Saturday, August 7 (listed alphabetically by last name):

 Roy Blunt (MO):  202-224-5721
 Shelley Moore Capito (WV): 202-224-6472
 Bill Cassidy (LA):  202-224-5824
 Susan Collins (ME):  202-224-2523
 John Cornyn (TX):  202-224-2934
 Kevin Cramer (ND):  202-224-2043
 Mike Crapo (ID):  202-224-6142
 Deb Fischer (NE):  202-224-6551
 Chuck Grassley (IA):  202-224-3744
 John Hoeven (ND):  202-224-2551
 Mitch McConnell (KY):  202-224-2541
 Lisa Murkowski (AK):  202-224-6665
 Rob Portman (OH):  202-224-3353
 James Risch (ID):  202-224-2752
 Mitt Romney (UT):  202-224-5251
 Mike Rounds (SD):  202-224-5842
 Thom Tillis (NC):  202-224-6342
 Todd Young (IN):  202-224-4822

You can let these RINOs know how you feel by calling their D.C. offices now!