Robin Rosenblatt

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    I am fighting back but no one helping me. Google banned for posting this

    Divided, we fall. United, we are strong. Division will cause more Anti-Semitism, increased BDS actions and more terrorists attacks.

    This is directly related to our lack of unity and support for Israel. It shows our enemies that we are weak.

    The stronger we are, the more we are respected!

    A simple way of showing our strength is by helping The Israel Longhorn Project.

    The stronger Israel and America are the safer it is for all of us.

    To do this we need 12 of you to donate $50,000 each or 600 of you to donate $1000 or 6000 of you to donate $100 or 60,000 of you donates $10.00 each.

    Thank you for your Courage and moral strength.

    Donation Button: PayPal:

    At no cost: Zelle transfer needs only account number #3945767931 from any US Bank & possible names: Robin Rosenblatt or Israel longhorn Project

    Robin Rosenblatt, M.Sc. Animal Science, former Israeli Soldier and past Anti-Terrorist Agent

    The Israel Longhorn Project

    Nonprofit 501© 3 #74-3177354

    7777 Bodega Ave. S – 107

    Sebastopol, CA 95472

    Tele: 650.631.9270 / cell: 650.339.0269

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