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    Rush, I been an off and on again listener for years. The fact that you were willing to bring to light the thoughts and feelings of what is likely most people in this country is well appreciated. Your tolerance in enduring the slings and arrows of the outrageous ignorance of the Leftist (not liberal) ideology is admirable. You have forever shown a positive light. Although I wonder if you’ve changed your opinion about a previous statement about the likliehood of an over reaching single group of elite that have existed for generations and are pushing us into a single global government?

    Tell Rush Limbaugh: "Thank You And Get Well Soon!"

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    For more than 30 years, Rush Hudson Limbaugh III has been one of the nation's leading conservative voices. He has championed America's founding ideals of liberty and limited government like few talk radio hosts ever.

    Following his shocking announcement of "advanced lung cancer," Grassfire is giving our team members the opportunity to thank the recent Medal of Freedom recipient for his service to our great nation and to wish him a quick and full recovery from the dreaded disease. Please sign this national get-well card for Rush Limbaugh now.

    Please add your name and then share this website with your friends and family members. When we reach our goal, we will deliver this get-well card to the Excellence in Broadcasting (EIB) Network offices in New York, NY. Add your name by simply completing the form below.

    UPDATE: So many concerned citizens have responded to this initiative that we reached our "stretch goal" of 20,000 signatures. Can you help us get to our stretch goal 25,000 signers in the next 48 hours? Add your name now!

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    Dear Rush,

    Thank you for your service to this great nation as a leading voice of conservatism for more than 30 years. I join thousands of Grassfire team members in wishing you a quick and full recovery. Like millions of other patriotic Americans, I'm praying for you and your family at this difficult time. May God bless and strengthen you in this fight.

    Get well soon!

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  • commented on The best 8 minutes in Hollywood history 2020-01-06 17:46:18 -0500
    Gervais was absolutely funny and brilliant. The reactions by the Hollyweird elite show how much they like to pretend and fake their outrage, plus engage in true political theater they have spent little time really learning about. As he said “Most of you have less education than Greta Thunberg” When it comes to Politics and Science when someone from Hollyweird speaks, fewer and fewer people give a flip, damn or perhaps “fecal matter.” Most of the Hollywood elite seemed to take his comments with shocking eyeballs and some even appeared to be masking their anger. Loved the comment about how he knows Jeffery Epstein was a friend of many of them, even on one occasion calling most of the “perverts.” The people will want to see Gervais again, the people behind the awards will likely cringe anew at the thought.
    The Hollweird elite love to stay safe in their bubbles and relish the support of those that hate what most of their audience loves. People are not tired of movies they are tired of the way Hollyweird is handling them. Now, we have to tolerate identity politics in every movie, an earthly cause to promote, even on far away planets. The main reason for the success of Marvel is the failure of nearly everything else they do. Sequels, formula flicks and the like demonstrate a clear lack of allowing innovative thinking that might even promote another political ideology other than Progressivism/socialism/communism. The people will speak with their dollars and right now Hollyweird is laying their fecal matter on 40-60% of their market. Absurd? certainly. Will the execs at the top get the idea? Stay tuned, their next big production will be Matt Damon and Ben Afflecks dream—A movie bringing to life to Howard Zinn’s America hating book in colleges today, The Peoples History of the United States. Not to worry it will be another ideological disaster. Like the others before it, a major box office disaster. America is giving Hollyweird the finger right now and applauding Ricky Gervais. Think about it.