Muriel McGrann

  • commented on Crushing 2019-05-21 16:31:09 -0400
    this act is an obstruction to religious freedom of any kind. It represents a dictate from the far far far left. This bill removes my right of speech to disagree with any LCBTQ individual or group on anything they find offensive to THEIR BELIEF BUT I DO NOT HAVE AN EQUAL RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH ON MY BELIEF. WELCOME SOCIALISM UNDER THE DICTATORIAL SPEAKER OF HITLER follower and BELIEVER NANCY PELOSI………This country was founded on Christian belief and ethics formed by our Founding Fathers. Now you man made pagan followers of the money god and all imoral belief and actions think it is time to CHANGE America into Obama’s dream of a MUSLIM DOMINIATED WORLD DICTATED BY ISLAMIC BELIEFS OF TOTAL CONTROL OVER EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF EACH DAYOF YOUR LIFE……. America existed over 200 years without all these dictatorial laws thatare popping up from the Democrats.