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    Douglas Neslund
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 10:52:20 -0500
    I must give my brother credit for pointing me to Rush Limbaugh and his iconic and never to be replicated voice for conservative and authentically American values.

    His program was unique: host speaks for three hours a day to growing audience with no guests, and with a wicked sense of humor that required those listening to be intelligent and reasonably well-informed. The degree of hatred spewed by leftist-globalists on this day after, is in itself tribute to a man with a great mind and enormous courage to expose far-lefties for the faux-religionist and hateful non-thinkers they truly are.

    Rush’s best on-air gift was his eagerness to give preference to his political enemies’ calls and to refute their emotional diatribes with logic and always, with that sense of humor that had conservatives laughing out loud and learning how to answer their own political confrontations.

    It’s been said on this day after that Rush Limbaugh formed a bridge between Ronald Reagan and Donald J. Trump. But he was so very much more, America is the greater for it, and we are forever grateful.