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    Sayedna Gregori
    commented on America MUST find a way to heal 2020-06-20 08:03:53 -0400
    Their is no way that this country can heal as long as governors, mayors, and our elected federal officials sit back and allow the leftists to rampage across this nation and tear down and eradicate our history. What we are seeing happening across this country, is anything but peaceful protests, it is insurgency and a hostile takeover of our country. Who voted to have all of our statues torn down, defaced and destroyed? Who voted to have television shows and movies removed, and children’s cartoons altered? Who voted to have portions of our cities taken over by ISIS style hooligans and turned into third world style h _ LL HOLES? I certainly did not, and nobody I know did either, and nobody asked us. Unless federal authorities are called in to put down this insurrection and restore our Constitutional Republic and the RULE OF LAW, this nation, MY NATION, is finished, done and gone for good, and God will NOT BLESS this land as long as We the People are content to sit back and watch the destruction. If we don’t care, why should God?