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    commented on Rachel Maddow: "Oh My God" (VIP Video) 2020-11-05 13:58:22 -0500
    MI lawyers were rebuffing Trump’s lawsuit, saying the individual election areas need to be sued, not them and there was no cause to show anything. However, watching video in Louder with Crowder from a lawyer outside Detroit showed a wagonful of contents and also coolers, etc. entering the building with no security anywhere at around 3:30 – 4:00 AM. All workers had big bags or some suitcases. They were not supposed to be counting at that time. mmmm… Also, a series of video taken down from Advance America that Huckabee provided (two) but I found more, showed plans of the coup and members. The first video from that was that the election went on exactly as planned! How surprising!
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    Carol Toomey
    May God bless and strengthen you both. We love you and our nation needs you. Speedy recovery! You are amazing!