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    It is murder. The blood is on their hands from the politician, to the abortionist, to the staff, to the nation

    Sign The Petition To "End Abortion In America"!

    Abortion is the scourge of our generation -- tens of millions of babies have been lost despite the overwhelming scientific and medical evidence proving that life begins at conception. Enough! It's time for citizens to take a stand! Please sign our National Petition To "End Abortion In America."

    Recently, New York joined seven other states and Washington, D.C. by legalizing abortion until the very moment before live birth. Pro-life patriots must take a stand! Please sign and then share with your friends and family members!

    Please help us reach 15,000 petition signers by completing the form below and adding your name to the "End Abortion In America" national petition.

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    I'm taking a stand by signing this Petition To End Abortion In America. I am calling for Roe v. Wade to be reversed and support the confirmation of justices who will end Roe. I support any and all judicial and legal remedies that will declare abortion illegal and unconstitutional. I strongly oppose my tax dollars being used to fund any organization or entity that funds or provides abortion services. And I am praying that God will remove the scourge of abortion from our land.

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    Steve Elliott, Founder

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  • commented on Song in the night 2018-08-03 16:24:45 -0400
    Dear Steve, Thanks for sharing your heart. So many are where you are! I have been there many times, and presently going through the end of one season. As the new season births, it stepping into the unknown and a total trust of God that He is guiding my footsteps. Thanks for being transparent, thanks for being real, thanks for laying down your life to HELP AMERICA THRIVE. May we all join you … and ask “what can I do for my country” Love and blessings. Aunt Cherry