Kendal Eklund

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    Sign the Petition to Stop the Anti-Faith "Equality" Act

    Radicals are pushing the very dangerous and wrongly named "Equality Act" that imposes the LGBT agenda and effectively criminalizes Christianity.

    This bill is not about "equality." It is about re-defining sexuality and putting people of faith on the wrong side of the law!

    UPDATE: The Senate may take up this bill AT ANY MOMENT. If you oppose this bill, complete the form below to sign this petition and say NO to the anti-faith Equality Act!

    Petition: "I Oppose the Anti-Faith 'Equality' Act"

    28,112 signatures

    I oppose the wrongly-named "Equality Act" -- a very dangerous bill that pushes a radical LGBT agenda while essentially criminalizing Christian beliefs. This bill would strip away religious liberties and put people of faith on the wrong side of the law. It also would force our churches and Christian businesses and schools to conform to the radical LGBT agenda. I urge you to oppose the so-called Equality Act.

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  • commented on Tucker Carlson on the Importance of Marriage (Part Two) 2019-01-08 12:58:58 -0500
    The distruction of Mariages in the USA began when Lyndon B. Johnson intorduced the War on Poverty, (Poverty was at %19) on Wednesday, January 8, 1964. This started the US Welfare programs in every state, unfortunately many states expanded the programs and gave out more money than authorized, to the point that they were defrauding the Federal Govenment. One of many times the States defraud the Federal Goverment Programs. This was the start of pure Socialism in the USA!