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  • Incumbent politicians- especially GOP are part of the problem

    GF team, it is apparent by the recent stolen elections, excessive factual evidence and no penalties and now the imposters are assuming leadership in the White House that faxes, letters and other communication means are antiquated. It is a waste of our money to send this communication that falls on deaf ears to those sent. Come up with better and more positive means to contact and leverage our concerns as legal Americans. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

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    Grassfire team-
    I agree with Arlene’s comment and have written another conservative org that essentially the legal Christian Americans are without representation by the government we support with our taxes and allegiance. Faxes, letters, phone calls and other historical means of communication have faded in the era of cyber space. The recent election was plainly stolen from the legal American citizens and no decisive action has been taken to remove the liars and cheats that pulled it off. As I suggested to another org, unite behind one org so that those of us who want to help can have a loud voice and actions are swift and decisive, rather than more talk and conversations. With the cyber folks and our Supreme Court now showing what side they support, it is up to us to pray, work and let God give us a strategy that wins over the opposition. There is nothing more repulsive that hearing the names- Pelosi, Clinton, Shumer and others who are opposed to what America stands for- “one nation under God.” Thanks for listening.

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    Trump and Pence. As long as the US leadership supports and works with Israel and holds to the values of “one nation under God”, we are the victors.