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    Herb Allred
    commented on Biden vs. Trump: Who won the debate? (poll) 2020-09-30 09:50:21 -0400
    Who won the debate? Nobody including the American voting public. This debate was a shameless debacle broadcast to the entire world! Our once revered nation worldwide now is the laughing stock of the world. POTUS, you are a great tactician and a remarkably effective President. I totally support your re-election. But I do not understand why you thought you needed to act like a bully that everybody thinks you are on national television? Your better than that. I was totally disappointed in your performance. You should have been prepared to out debate Mr Biden easily. He is no match for you. Do not focus on the Biden kids. Its out. Its done and over with. Focus please on showing the world your decisiveness and leadership and point out the weaknesses of the Democratic platform. That’s all you have to do to grab the undecided voters. I am afraid your performance last night did nothing but chase them away. Please be better prepared for the next debate. I am an avid supporter but was totally disappointed last night.
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